Kuthoosi Movie Review

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An overlooking tending towards on the simple and healthy evaluates, which human beings steer closer with the natural agriculture.

Synopsis: “Kuthoosi” is a film about a common man lives in the village that his parents educated Vel and the guy plan to leave his hometown for earning more, the film was written and directed by Siva Sakthi that he had gone to rural content about preaching on protecting the environment and eventually guy keeps the trends to travel towards US which creates a problem to his village.

In the leading role Dileepan and Amala Rose Kurian holds out throughout the film. Even though, enormous commercial aspects desiring that story discourse social awareness. The comedian Yogi Babu joins with the leading artists to support the story.

Story: A young guy Dileepan (Vel), who live in a rural area, looking forward for an abroad job and asking his parents to settle out their property. With his effort and with his lover’s funding, the energetic man gets a job in USA.

In this situation, Dileepan decided to Amala Rose Kurian, both planning to get married soon and contrive to settle in US. By this circumstance, his affectionate father loses his life of a snake bite in the village.

This critical scenario made a turning point in Vel’s life and he dropped out of going abroad and starting to concentrate with his village people and how the village landlord dominating the agricultural areas from that how the guy safeguards his village is the remaining screenplay.

The director’s motto, that the younger generation wanted to get attention on the development of agriculture

Verdict: Rural drama – average

Rating: 2 / 5


Dileepan * Vel

Amala Rose Kurian

Yogi Babu


Directed by * Siva Sakthi

Written by * Siva Sakthi

Music by * N. Kannan

Production Company * Sri Lakshmi Studios

PRO * C. N. Kumar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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