Kuttram 23 Movie Review

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kutram-23Genre: Action * based crime thriller, keeps engaged the audiences.

Synopsis: Initially, need to apprize Arun Vijay for carrying out his performance and outlook in a tremendous way, basically in the medical field happening the changes, which leads to offence, crime 23 is about pregnant women getting frustrated by the methods of artificial insemination and their situations made to attempt suicide.

Story: A finer twist and eagerness are bonded well script given by the director Arivazhagan, with the throb continues a pair murder occurs in the church and this was an eye witness by a lovely heroine Thendral (Mahima Nambiar) and a majestic cop IPS Vetrimaaran was placed for investigating, in this situation many pregnant ladies are pulling suicide by the procedure of artificial insemination. The IPS Vetrimaaran knocking out the two obscure perpetrators who involved in pregnancy ladies continues self-destruction.

The scoundrels of the film Arvind Akash and Vamsi Krishna tracking the story in the middle of the drama and giving durability to the content. Mahima brings out her acting carries the confidence level.

In the Kollywood films for every lofty cop behind supporting police will be notified
Thambi Ramaiah, who comes as an assistant to the hero and influences us in an intelligent ways.

Vishal Chandrasekar had virtues for his quivering BGM score and particular observe to the Thodu Vaanam. The story tempted Rajesh Kumar novel in a splendid way.

Verdict: Energetic


Arun Vijay * Vetrimaaran

Mahima Nambiar * Thendral

Thambi Ramaiah

Vamsi Krishnan

Aravind Akash

Amit Bhargav




Kalyani Natarajan * Tulsi


Directed * Arivazhagan

Produced * Inder Kumar

Aarathi M. Arun

Arun Vijay

Music * Vishal Chandrasekhar

Cinematography * Bhaskaran K. M.

Edited * Bhuvan Srinivasan

Production company * Redhan The Cinema People

Screenplay * Arivazhagan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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