Kuttram Kadithal Movie Review

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kutram kadithalGenre: A sensitive * issues among the society are becoming more sensible, which makes inspired as an essence of the script.

Outline: Thirukkural has many inhalations, the director had been keen on the 44th chapter “Kuttram Kadithal” to express punishment happens to eradicate. An elegant teacher (Marline) getting married to an engineer (Manikandan), by birth Marline is a Christian and her mother against for her love marriage. Both had been started their beautiful life, but a decisive situation, changes upside down. After thrice days later, in a happy status Marline back to her school, here is the tragedy, she gets a substitute period, an impish 5th B the student has been anguish in the classroom, the boy was faint at spot this made dread to the teacher.

Story: In a team work the debut director (G. Bramma) molds a fabulous script, and the team has given fruitful content. A married couple entire in the happy life, but Marlin has a guilty conscience in her inter caste marriage. In her upset mind, Marlin goes to the school, the director has visualized few scenes naturally occurs in the schools, the science teacher (Nikila Kesavan) keeps debate among the Co staffs, giving awareness on the topic of reproductive system. And also the science teacher was getting success by taking classes and the children feel proud of the way she explained. An English teacher sings a poem in rhythmical expressions and they were confident in giving output in their acting as the teachers. The English teacher was getting permission and in her class (7 period) Marlin is going as a substitute teacher for the class V STD “B” section.

The children have their mischievous characters, but the student Chezhiyan (Master Ajay) has exposes too extend among the children, the teachers’ and with the parents’. Here is the situation goes twisted, a birthday girl kept on crying, Marlin asks the girl the reason behind, one of child in the class says that  the Chezhiyan  kiss the birthday girl for keeping energize. He argues not mistake its expression of affection, I never hesitate of giving kisses on your birthday, these words made the teacher to annoy and she keeps one slap on Chezhiyan face. The child gets unconscious in the classroom. Check out the movie, the teachers’ conditions and the management of the school and the cooperation among the teachers’.

An excellent natural performance by the principal Kulothungan and the principle’s wife Durga, both have given perfection in their dialogues delivered as a school authentically. Both the leading artists of the film and the Chezhiyan’s Mother (Sathya) have given best in their acting. The script role that principal and Co teachers’ are supports for the Marlin, but her conscious pinch her for the child, was the aggressive final touch in the movie.

Verdict: Diplomatic end.


Marlin  * Radhika

Manikandan * Sai Rajkumar

Chezhiyan * Master Ajay

Chezhiyan’s Uncle (Udayan) * Pavel Navageethan

Chezhiyan’s Mother * Sathya

School Principal * Kulothungan

Principal’s Wife * Durga

PT Sir * Prathi

Science Teacher * Nikila Kesavan

English Teacher * Aishwarya


DOP * S. Manikandan

Editor * CS Prem

Sound Designer * Anthony. B. Jeyaruban

Music Director * Shankar Rangarajan

Art Director * JPK Prem

Lyrics * Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar, Gerald Dhirav, G. Bramma

Associate Directors * Gerald Dhirac, C.K. Surendra Thanu Murthy, Pascal Regan

Assistant Directors * Praveen, P. Devaraj

Director * G. Bramma

Producer * JSK Satish Kumar, Christy Siluvappan

Production Banner * JSK Film Corporation


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