Lakshmi Movie Review

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Genre: Tuneful activity * an artistic form of auditory communication integrating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner, which is pleasing and harmonious sounds. Music is the sounds produced by the vibration and the people who gives expression for the movement. The film “Lakshmi” is full of music and dance.

Synopsis: After focusing on a horrific movie, Prabhu Deva committed to a stumble the light  fantastic toe of dance with the children. The film “Lakshmi” was written and directed by A. L. Vijay, the leading role has been done by Ditya Bhande, a group of kids and along with her Prabhu Deva and Aishwarya Rajesh is being supported towards the movie other than Salman Yusuff Khan, Karunakaran and Kovai Sarala were contributing to the fulfilment of a need and furtherance of an effort to the script.

A school going girl, who is interested in dance and her surviving and expel everything was for the dance. The bud’s dream wanted to win in the Pride of  India Junior level title in the National level dance competition, by this concept the story’s baseline move towards the eccentric of Lakshmi.

Story: A single parent Nandini Aishwarya Rajesh, living alone with her 10 year old kid, the girl Lakshmi, who is bouncy for dance by all the time, contrast Lakshmi’s mother doesn’t like dance and force her to stop dancing. Lakshmi’s dream is to win the title of “Pride of India” in the competition, with the help of Krishna Prabhu Deva the girl joins in the Chennai Music Academy.

By this chance and with the help of Krishna the group moves towards Mumbai to win the title. Initially, Lakshmi had stage fear and was overcome by Prabhu Deva’s motivation. Then the group was getting tough situation to reach for the next level. The level of the competitions was made tough to contest and in the finale Chennai and Mumbai team clashes each other. Obviously, with terrible stage performance was exaggerated in the climax and the Chennai kids were winning the title.

In all the channels, dancers programme is being conducted and it has been telecasting on every week. The film is about 129 minute stage show came as a movie, other than nothing. There is no story about any eccentrics, why Nandini lives alone, why Krishna run out in his final competition. The director trusted on the kids dancing and kept full burden on the girl Ditya.

Verdict: Dance show as a movie.

2 / 5


Prabhu Deva * Krishna / VK.

Ditya Bhande * Lakshmi

Aishwarya Rajesh * Nandini

Karunakaran * Azhagu

Kovai Sarala A. Saraswathi – Lakshmi’s School Principal.


Yusuff Khan * Yusuf Khan.

Chaams * TBA.

Akshat Singh * TBA.

Jeet Das

Sam Paul


Directed by * A. L. Vijay

Produced by * Prateek Chakravorty * Shruti Nallappa * R. Ravindran

Written by * A. L. Vijay

Story by * A. L. Vijay

Music by * Sam C. S.

Cinematography * Nirav Shah

Edited by * Anthony

Production Company * Pramod Films
Trident Arts

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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