Launch of Desi Di happened on 9th February 2019 at Poes Garden, Chennai

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Desi Di as the name suggest is the new restaurant with a retro yet contemporary atmosphere located at the heart of the city at Poes Garden launched on 9th February 2019. With minimal traffic and available parking space, Desi Di is conveniently accessible from Cathedral Road, TTK Road, Poes Garden Road or Eldams Road.

“We feel we have a superb product here at Desi Di with artistic views, fantastic staff and a varied menu. The selection of the menu is completely based on simplicity, authenticity and above all pocket-friendly. We are delighted to be in a position to upgrade the restaurant and our brand to compound our commitment to the trade

The menu has a wide range of both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian choice and for the office goers’ lunch, a special Thali has been added keeping the right composition of Carbohydrate, Protein & Greens with an aim to serve the meal as quickly as possible.

At Desi Di, the Chefs are hand-picked from their expertise fields of food production. Here the choice of Biryani is dum served in an earthen pot covered dough sheet to retain the aromas while being served. Similarly Dal Makhani is one of the best served creamy black lentils with the aromas of fresh butter & fenugreek. Kuch Meetha- The dessert the Gulab Jamoon Cheesecake tops the charts along with Gajjar Halwa Ka Samosa.


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