Maanagaram Movie Review

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maanagaramGenre: Thriller drama * eager with people’s ups and downs are tracked in a brilliant screenplay.

Synopsis: The direction portions covered in a proficiency way and story by Lokesh Kanagaraj framed the film as  Maanagaram, the film characteristics with primary as Chennai city of the parallel artists Sundeep Kishan, Shri, Regina Cassandra are in the lead roles, for the supporting roles Charle and Ramdoss (Munishkanth). The film speaks of Chennai city people’s life and lifestyle.

Story: With an introduction scene in the urban place of Chennai’s famous and flick explicit about Chennai is the safest city in the India, a fearless guy Sundeep Kishan who propose an IT firm HR Regina Cassandra, in the same track a young guy Shri who was from Trichy travels to Chennai had a dream of working in IT, an innocent man Charle come to Chennai and hiring a rowdy’s (Ramdoss) travel car for his livelihood and even to support his son’s illness of the medical treatment, these four characters have played a vital role, Shri in a struggling, misses the certificates and Charle handover in the police station. In parallel, Sundeep Krishan was going police station for the acid case, who protect for his girlfriend and what ever do for her. Now, a rowdy gang is involved in kidding the child, unfortunately the rowdies is tracked by mistakenly and kidnapped a massive rowdy’s child Karthik. The film ends with the characters intra linked with each other and how in the overnight getting the solution.

Every artist has given the best performances. Sundeep Kishan’s boldness and audacious type while Shri’s insidious gives their excellence and Regina carries the role in an elegant way. BGM and the song give hyper level to the film.

Verdict: An urban background life. A good effort.


Sundeep  Kishan


Regina Cassandra


Ramdoss (Muniskanth)


Directed * Lokesh Kanagaraj

Written * Lokesh Kanagaraj

Produced * S R Prakashbabu
S R Prabhu
Prabhu Venkatachalam
Gopinath P
Thanga Prabaharan R

Music * Javed Road

Cinematography * Selvakumar So

Edited * Philomin

Production company * Potential Studios

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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