Maari 2 Movie Review

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The film “Maari 2” imposing in lineament by the eccentrics that the viewers expect an eminent stratum of output, as a significant actor Dhanush envisioned on screen.

Synopsis: Maari 2015, persistence followed in the direction of Balaji Mohan, that the content focuses on North Madras and a Don Maariyappan shows all the elements to entertain the audience. The voguish actor Dhanush plays an efficacious role, along with him Kreshna, Varalakshmi, Robo Shankar and Aadukalam Naren and Vinoth support towards the film.

Even though the content extent till 150 minutes, the flick doesn’t show any blemishes. But anyhow in the second half Dhanush imitate Rajinikath films that somehow tracks out of impressive part.

Story: In the banner of Wunderbar Films “Maari 2” opening in the place of North Chennai areas, Maariyappan is a guy, who shows his strength by doing a good crusade for the affected people. Now the don guy Maariyappan and his friend Kreshna both were retained a firmest relationship, in this gap Maariyappan keeps his eye on Arathu Aanandhi and he tried to impress the girl.

At a point, the solidest relationship of Maariyappan and Kreshna goes to a weaker level of the opponent people, in this case both were getting separate each other.

Now the antagonist group had been getting influenced by their separation, the opposite gang overcome as the Don in the Maariyappan’s place.

In that situation, the gang targets Maariyappan’s lover in all situations Maariyappan couldn’t safeguard his lover, they decided to move out their area and plan to marry to lead a happy life. In this tough situation, Maariyappan starts his new life with Arathu Aanandhi or he follows his old Don life and it has been stuffed with a lot of action.

Dhanush always expertise by his performance, the story is all about merging with typical local area that the man show out extreme level in the performance, Sai Pallavi shows her alacrity in the each frame. In the technical aspects BGM and the songs are highest quality.

Verdict: Holds the attention.

Rating: 3/5


Dhanush * Maariyappan aka Maari

Kreshna Kulasekaran * Kalai

Tovino Thomas * Gangadhar Beeja (Thanathos)

Sai Pallavi * Arathu Aanandhi

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar * Vijaya Chamundeswari

Vidya Pradeep * Kalai’s wife

Robo Shankar * Sanikkizhamai aka SaniKalloori

Vinoth * Robert (Adithangi)

Kaali Venkat * Aarumugam

Master Raghavan * KaaliSilva as a goon

Aranthangi Nisha * Attu Aanandhi

Aadukalam Naren * police commissioner

E. Ramdoss * police assistant commissioner

Vincent Asokan * Gangadhar Beeja’s brother

Sangili Murugan


Directed by * Balaji Mohan

Produced by * Dhanush

Written by * Balaji Mohan

Music by * Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography * Om Prakash

Edited by * Prasanna GK

Production Company * Wunderbar Films

Distributed by * Lyca Productions

PRO * Riaz K Ahmed

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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