Maari Movie Review

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Dhanush-Kajal-Agarwal-Maari-movie-posters-1Genre:  Comedy * pull out with the combination of hero and his supporting comedians, and the viewer’s wholly enjoy, especially the Robo Shankar an extra essence of the movie.

Rowdy * appearance in the comedy track hero entertains the audience.

Emotion * positive characters are hidden as the hero portray him in a negative character, among his area people.

Outline: A comedy film written and directed by Balaji Mohan, made an engrossed and slight felt drowsy to the audience in the extension of a script. Remember of “Aadukalam” petite resembles, the hero Dhanush passion was Rooster fighting. The “Maari” movie is too based with an added, pigeon concept. Maari’s life was fascinating with pigeon competition and he is a Don to his area people and Maari is under the control of Velu.

Story: With an immense introduction of Dhanush with his Rowdy get up, story penetrate into the how hero formed as a Rowdy. Vijay Yesudas leads a different dimension in the movie, Vijay Yesudas is an inspector and targets Maari to prison him, in this chance Velu was arrested by inspector for his illegal business. At a point, area was starting to controlled by Ravi. Check out the movie, who is the backbone for the Ravi?

Dhanush entries are too built up in few sequence and background effects had been extreme level. Vijay Yesudas role was heavy as an inspector, but his output was casual. Robo Shankar has presented his comedy with a fabulous to the viewers. Anirudh appears in the introduction as a guest role, is a boosting for the youngster.

Verdict: Commercial movie, and Dhanush satisfied his fans of the comedy stuffed.

Dhanush * Maari
Kajal Aggarwal * Sridevi
Vijay Yesudas
Robo Shankar * Sanikilamai
Kaali Venkat
Kallori Vinoth
Mime Gopi
Anirudh Ravichander


Direction * Balaji Mohan
Written by * Balai Mohan
Cinematography * Om Prakash
Edited by * Prasan GK
Production company * Wunderbar Films Frame
Distributed by * Magic Frame * Escape Artist Motion Picture


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