Maaveeran Kittu Movie Review

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Maaveeran-KittuGenre: Societal soul-stirring * is being portrayed, a community skirmish between upper and lower caste people.

Synopsis: The leading artists Vishnu Vishal, R. Parthiepan and Sri Divya outlook take us the year of 1987, the film was directed by Suseenthiran, the story moves into the two community people conflict had been exaggerated were old version in the current status, but still in rural areas the downtrodden are excruciation.

Story: The film Maaveeran Kittu (Warrior Kittu) in the place of remote area “puttur” Chinnaraasu who had been struggling for the amelioration of his people. The folk suffer to take a dead body to the graveyard by long distance even though they had short cut (not to use the way of the upper class people’s path). But Chinnaraasu trust in Kittu who will be the support of his people and he educated him, even Kittu proven as a state rank holder and the man Chinnaraasu’s dream that Kittu wants to become as a state collector. Whatever steps are taken by Chinnaraasu all gets failure because of upper class people, after a great battle Kittu deciding to sacrifice his life for his community.

Vishnu Vishal had concentrated on the role and given the outdo performances in his portions. Sri Divya looks homely in her appearance and made us to feel we are in the 1987 period, Chinnaraasu character is perfect to Parthiepan nothing to compromise, but still doubtfully Soori had not used properly in the film.

Verdict: watchable


Vishnu Vishal * Kittu

Sri Divya * Gomathi

R. Parthiepan


Kasi Viswanathan

Harish Uthaman


Directed * Suseenthiran

Music * D. Imman

Cinematography * Soorya.A.R

Edited * Kasi Viswanathan

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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