Maayavan Movie Review

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Genre: A sci-fi * criminalize, in a criminal manner of whodunit and chases with suspense.

Synopsis: The film “Maayavan” is opening up with the furthered scientific strategy of technological approaches content and producer C.V. Kumar had been stepped out as a director. The director scores up mislaying script with decrepit screenplay. The artists Sundeep Krishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Daniel Balajiand Jackie Shroff has poised the drama, Ghibran music is abiding the movie. The story is all about a cop investigates the case and wholly for the viewers makes up eagerness in sequels, which is tickled tract.

Story: The tale moves advanced in the year of 2037. A bedridden old man was shown, followed again proceeds to the present year, a police officer Kumaran (Sundeep Kishan), who tags a felonious Dheena but the man was murdered by visualizing bloody of murderous the cop Kumaran gets a mental and emotional opposed that leads him to depress, the reason behind in his childhood days, he had filled with melancholy, this made that he was forced to get mental fitness certified by a doctor, but when he approached to Ramya, who is a psychological doctor and she rejected to give endorsed that still he has to take treatment.

By all his tackling Kumaran joins in the department, with the continues of several murders, the cop observes a branded black cigarette and blood finger points on the wall. Now the cops start to investigate on the puzzles of each of the murders.

The mystify opens up when the man Rudhran Daniel Balaji sign on a paper in the name of Pramod. Hence, the story moves about science puzzles stuck with and that a scientist’s research goes for wants to live for a long life.

Sundeep Kishan, Daniel Balaji and Lavanya Tripathi all had been invoked us with their wide variety of skills by the performances. The music director Ghibran has been given a weighty BGM for the film, Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography and Leo John Paul’s editing keep the viewers concerned.

Verdict: script had flunked.


Sundeep Kishan * Kumaran

Lavanya Tripathi * Ramya

Jackie Shroff * Major Sathyam

Daniel Balaji


Bagavathi Perumal

Mime Gopi

Akshara Gowda

K. S. Ravikumar



Directed by * C. V. Kumar

Music by * Ghibran

Cinematography * Gopi Amarnath

Edited by * Leo John Paul

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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