Magalir Mattum Movie Review

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Genre: Womanish * pictured in a gracious manner and exposed their dumped up dreams.

Synopsis: An erstwhile film “36 Vayathinile” attractors about the concept of personal identity and it was pretermitted out somewhere, “Magalir Mattum” flick had an expectation eager towards a bold characterization of Jyothika, that she full fills the three ladies stargazes, the director Bramma’s first attempt in the year of 2015 “Kuttram Kadithal” speaks out well and after two years later, “Magalir Mattum” is a flick drags on women’s liberation, in the restraint dialogue delivery. The three women Saranya, Banupriya and Urvashi flashback were getting fluctuates often and Jyothika character is helping the ladies to join together that’s it her role gets finished off.

Story: The title “Magalir Mattum” picked out from 1994, that the trio ladies face the difficulties with their virile manager and kick off all the problems, but 2017 “Magalir Mattum” is contrasted Prabhathi (Jyothika) a documentary movie maker and in the initial stage Gomatha and Prabhavathi behaves like friends later sequels that Gomatha (Urvashi) envisions as a mother-in-law, even Gomatha’s son moves to abroad. Prabha, who go for many Documentary films and it were cheered up, Gomatha’s lonely and the lost out friends were joining by using Facebook with the help of Prabha. Hunting has been started with Rani (Banupriya) who lives in Agra and they both Prabha and Gomatha starts to go for finding her and there Rani who lives as a servant to her manful politician husband (Nassar) and son Karthi (Paval). In this situation, Gomatha and Rani think about their past life along with Subbu (Saranya), this made Prabha to tracks on Subbu. At last, Prabha joins Subbu together, that she runs a beauty parlour and live a tedious life with an alcoholic husband Mangalamoorthi (Livingston) and bed ridden mother-in-law. Now Prabhu takes all the ladies for a three day trip, this outing, which changes everything that politician’s son started give respect to her mother Rani.

The film engages with 1978‘s that the cute girls who lives in a hostel and doing lots of mischievous activities that annoyed chief. At a point, the girls planning to go for a movie “Aval Appadithan” which releases on Deepavali season. But their plan gets spoiled and this made them separate all together.

The energized Jyothika played as a Prabha and her expression level still sustaining. Madhavan appears in guest role that made magnificent when he come on screen. Finally, the women Urvashi, Bhanupriya and Saranya have given their best.

Verdict: Entertainment movie


Jyothika * Prabhavathy

Saranya * Subbulakshmi

Urvashi * Komatha

Bhanupriya * Rani Amirthakumari

Nassar * Kodandaraman

Livingston * Mangalamurthi

Pavel Naganeethan * Karthi


Directed by * Bramma

Produced by * Suriya

Written by Bramma

Music * Ghibran

Cinematography * S. Manikandan

Edited by * C. S. Prem

Production company * 2D Entertainment
Chris Pictures

Distributed by * Sakthi Film Factory

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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