Maiem Movie Review

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maiemGenre: Thriller * content engaged the audiences to expect that what would be the next taking overs.

Comedy * portions are trusted by a single person, and the mirthful had tried out in the hardest level to pull off the viewers’ to express mirth.

Outline: Harvest Entertainers & Sketchbook productions present a throbbing movie, with the bemused script to expatiate the single shot into two and half hours. A couple planned to elope, but the problem comes from bridge father side, to murder the bridegroom and a mannequin had an issue with her fans, and gets continues calls, which annoys her a lot. In this situation, for the comedy sequences Robo Shankar had been squeezed. According to the story a psychotic person is the hero of the movie, to make confuse to the audiences.

Story: With the familiar Pudhea Paadhai hero voice is an introduction to the story. A couple of guys are making arrangement of the marriage, but the heroine‘s father against for their proposal. In the next shot, a model was getting narked by her fans. The model was pulled to her situation into the ATM and the guys are rushed into the same ATM to make money for their necessity. At a point, the three people were struck up by a peculiar guy, his intention is to target the people inside the ATM. In a security guard character was lead by Robo Shankar, stays near to the ATM to take a rest in the leisure time. Shankar guides the guys to protect from the psycho, money or alcohol is not the motivation. Check out the movie in the theatre, psycho has been achieved his quarry.

The Maiem team has been imparted to a message, but their attempt was missed out. The psycho character and his lover was killed by the robbery guys, near to the Perugudi (Chennai) ATM. Now the risible twist is psycho, a good spirit to protect their life and stands for the whole night. Robo Shankar had recalled his professional mimicker artist, standard his name as Shankar in all upcoming movies. The movie starts with faster effects, but after few sequence, the film rolls around fully in the ATM, extends at the end of the movie.

Verdict: Struggling to bestow the message, incomplete play script.

Artist: Naveen Sanjai

Jai Quehani

Kumaran Thangarajan

Duhasinni Kumaran


Pooja Devareya

Robo Shankar



Director * Aditya Baskar

Producer * Harvest Entertainers & Sketchbook production

Story, Screenplay * AP. Shreethar

Dialogue * T. Muruganantham

DOP * Martin / Appu

BGM * Sharat / Rohit

Song Music * KR

Promo Song Music * MC Rico

Editing * Karthik

PRO * Nikila

Sound Design * T. Udhayakumar

Colorist * Karthik

CG Works * SktchDesign Works

Special Effects * C. Sethu

Art * Abjmanyu

Lyricist * Mohanraj / Arunrajkumaraj

Costume Designer * Varuna Shreethar

Stills * Amir

Dance * Vijisathish

Stunt * ‘Horse’ Suresh

Poster Design * Media Salads

Production Executive * MK Sayisundar


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