Mamata Kataria M P A reading of the Chennai-based graduate renounced conjugal life, sanniyacam buy kontirukkirar

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Tatipati Jain temple in Chennai ayanavarat of the executives told reporters ..

“Etutturaippatark principles of Jainism and Jain monks to the campaign merkolvatuntu tour. In such cases, if someone committed to a policy of religious life, they are given the Deeksha. The three-day vaipavamakak celebrate it. It’s such a ceremony is being held today.

She has lived in the city of Chennai, a 29-year-old Kataria M P A graduate educated woman who is determined to live a normal worldly life as a monk ignored. Deeksha Jain monks have given him a varukaittant turaviyakkuvarkal him.

Kumari Mamata Banerjee had then become a recluse since. Begin to implement the control of the monks. Shaving her head, wear white pants. Go everywhere on foot. Eat no more than six o’clock in the evening. More than four months to live anywhere. ‘Live and let live’ campaign is making such comments konteyirukkaventum Jain.

‘Kill the flesh folded hands maruttanaik  All the life and worship of “Starcraft in pls,” kill a life, but not eat grass valkinravanai this ulakattilil worship in the hands of all beings. ” Jain said that his teachings are wonderful. The Jain religion, the small difference between Buddhists Starcraft cuttikattiyiruppar.

The three women in the house ascetic has undertaken so far. During this ceremony as well as thousands of Jains get varukaittantu in Chennai Jain monks would receive blessings. ‘ said.


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