Mambalam Iyers Home Store Launch at West Mambalam

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Mambalam Iyers Home Store was launched on Thursday 19.07.2018 at West Mambalam Arya Gowda Road. Mambalam Ayyar’s Food Products Pvt Ltd has been providing quality food items over the past 10 years. In the neo-fashionable world, both husband and wife are going to work. In this case, the cooking for the baby and the child becomes hectic. In Such scenario, Mambalam Iyers Brand has been producing and selling food items in a quality and healthy manner where cooking gets easy. The company has been selling products through India’s leading grocery stores and Modern Trades such as pickles, Sambar and rasam Podis, Squash, Instant Rice Mixing paste, Idly, Dosa Batters, and Breadcrumbs. At present, the company plans to launch more direct sales centers.

The first store has been launched in the first phase at West Mambalam. The Managing directors of the company Mr. Kannan. S. Mahadevan and Mr. AnanthaKrishna initiated this in order serve people directly. In this Inaugural event H & H Franchise Partner Mr. G. Vijay Ganesh and Manager Mr. R. Srikanth, Mambalam Iyers General Manager Mr. Sampath Ragavan accompanied and organized this event is fair way. During the opening ceremony, Kannan. S. Mahadevan met media concerns. He says, “People living in this fast world today, do not spend enough time for food and cooking. Today, women are developing themselves in various fields in this community. This made a time constraint in Healthy home cooking remedies result in health disorders. We, Mambalam Iyers brand was working to give a simple home cook food products for the past 10 years and now We are going to open these exclusive Home stores to reach the people even more easier. We floated this idea with the vision for future generations, that they should be able to led a healthy and nourishment Life. So, when suggest everyone to try Mambalam Iyers brand and change their diet habits as a healthy and easy one.” He added, “We have been looking for franchise to take charge of the company’s Home Stores in their areas. Whoever wants to engage in this business can contact us and clarify all their doubts on this Business and service module.

For Trade Enquiries: +91 96000 83913 | 044 42614011.


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