Manithan Movie Review

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Manithan-MovieGenre: A judicature * script, which the court sequences have been elongated from the start up scene and the hero bursting for the truth at the climax infused with temperate dialogues.

Synopsis: The title “Manithan” had been commemorating a 1987 film directed by (S. P. Muthuraman), superstar succeeds by parading as he wants to be reckoned as a man among his surroundings, but 2016 “Manithan” might be expresses a man struggling for a humanity with superfluous features of court sequences.

Story: As the movies of “Vaamanan”, “Endrendrum Punnagai” director Ahmed remakes of a Bollywood film, Jolly LLB courtroom drama with the slenderest change are glutted. The hero Sakthi (Udhay) was practicing as a lawyer in the place of Pollachi, oftentimes he has been facing insults from the fellow workers and with his uncle, after all these bullying Sakthi is travelling to Chennai high court to prove him and to get married to his fiancee (Hansika Motwani), this is how the script was framed, and the message conveys to the audiences, the royal people who hits or any injured were done for the downtrodden folk are getting affected. A monumental lawyer Adisheshan has been appearing in the court and overcome the oppose lawyer, at the end slaphappy guy Sakthi defeat the majuscule lawyer Adisheshan with the stuffed more dialogues.

Compared to the previous films, Hansika Motwani was less in make-up and fulfill in boosting the hero by her strength value of dialogues. In a sequence Radharavi had been portrayed as he favors to Prakash Raj, but in the next to the scenes he was fun making in the court and made entertained in his acting. As a Journalist’s role, Aishwarya Rajesh is perfect and exposed like a brave lady. In the Judge (Radha Ravi) character and influence Lawyer role (Prakash Raj) both are shown their experienced level output. As usual Vivek is being projected for covering the comedy areas. Normally Udhayanidhi Stalin trusted to the comedy based films, “Manithan” gives a different dimension to step up to change from his trends. For the comedy movie drolleries might be overlap to get success, but some extent the viewers sure to expect some acting from the hero. Songs are not pictured in the countries and travels towards the situations.

Verdict: Prevail story. Watchable!!!


Udhayanidhi Stalin * Sakthi
Prakash Raj * Adisheshan
Hansika Motwani * Priya
Aishwarya Rajesh * JournalistJennifer
Radharavi * Judge
Vivek as Sakthi’s uncle
Sathish Angana Roy
Krishna Kumar * Vijay Nair
Power Star Srinivasan * doctor


Directed * I. Ahmed
Produced * Udhayanidhi Stalin
Written * Ajayan Bala (dialogues)
Screenplay * I. Ahmed
Story * Subhash Kapoor
Music * Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography * R. Madhi
Edited * J. V. Manikanda Balaji
Production company * Red Giant Movies
Distributed * Fox Star Studios


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