Maniyar Kudumbam Movie Review

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Genre: Persuasion * extensively throughout the film, even though lacking in the menage.

Synopsis: Thambi Ramaiah, who had exposed his son Umapathy as in preeminent eccentric and Thambi Ramaiah stepped up as a music director, to an extended composed the lyrics in his movie. As the realistic relationship has been projected on big screen, Thambi Ramaiah and Umapathy shows their father and son bond in a cinematic way.

The film “Maniyar Kudumbam” evidences the storey of an esteemed kinsfolk and their family was respected by the villagers. Unluckily, Narthanga Sami’s manner of living that reflects their family status, the family’s value and attitude changes in a whip condition.

Story: The flick captured in a rural place and Thambi Ramaiah had focused on his son Umapathy Ramaiah eccentric and both had tried out in multi level. Thambi Ramaiah drove towards emotions, comedy and sentiment.

The debut Umapathy concentrated on the romance, action and emote. Opening, Magizham Poo, who rejects his father’s proposal and insult the groom and their family members. In a very short sequel, was in a well-thought-of family Narthanga Sami is going towards his brother-in-law’s (Jayaprakash) house to propose his sister’s daughter to tie up with his son. Unlikely, Jayaprakash insults Narthanga Sami family members and he never gives his daughter to get married with Kutti Maniyar, that the young guy who leads a carefree life and never go for a job.

Now, the happy-go-lucky Kutti Maniyar challenge with Jayaprakash that within a short period he reaches as an industrial business man for this Magizham Poo (Mrudula), who keeps affair with Kutty Maniyar helps Kutti Maniyar. The girl who gains for 35 thousand per month, supports Kutti Maniyar to reach out his destination. Both plans for investing in the windmill.

For the windmill launching they need up to three crore, with the help of government funding and bank loan they reach till 2 crore balance one crore they depend with village people. Once they reach out of lump sum amount, Kutti Maniyar and Narthanga Sami hire a car to deposit of the money, the twist followed, the huge amount was lotting by the car driver. Finally Thambi Ramaiah end up with a message.

Thambi Ramaiah concerned for his son uplifting. Something he has been conveyed as a message. As usual, Thambi Ramaiah performance well and good. But his son resembles his father in many sequels, that he has to overlap. In the romantic scenes vulgar has been exposed, which wasn’t suitable for children to watch on big screen. In a cop character Samuthirakani is fit in the film Radha Ravi, Singampuli and others are extra fitting in the movie.

Verdict: Attempt for his son. Flunked by the story.


Umapathy Ramaiah * Kutti Maniyar

Mrudula Murali

Yashika Aannand

Thambi Ramaiah * Narthanga Sami


Radha Ravi

Vivek Prasanna




Meera Krishnan


Directed by * Thambi Ramaiah

Produced by * Thenmozhi Sungra

Written by * Thambi Ramaiah

Music by * Thambi Ramaiah

Edited by * V. K Varma

Production Company * VU Cinemas

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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