Mannar Vagaiyara Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * knocked out, agitating jocularity is extended till the climax.

Synopsis: The actor Vemal had undertaken in the production area, the film traverses with a village oriented contentedness. The director Boopathy Pandian was concentrated with comedies till the end of the movie and a furious brother for the two sisters, pace his wrath in every sequel and his anger cool down by the mere presence of sentiment. The artist Prabhu played in a father eccentric. The other artists Tamilarasan, Karthik Kumar, Saranya Ponvannan, and Jayaprakash are supporting towards the character.

Story: The story opens with a family background, where Mathi appear for the law exam and this was exaggerated by his uncle (Robo Shankar), and he was narked the people that Mathi will take care of him after he passed in the law exam. Prabhu’s both the sons were respectful towards their father, but the young one Mathi was care free guy and gets impressed on llaiyarain (Anandhi), both were getting love affair with each other and things were going on, Mathi’s brother attempt to suicide, once Mathi query on his brother, the fellow explains that his lover was going to get married to someone.

Mathi hastened to married spot and eloping the bride, now the savage brother fights with Mathi to stop them. The situation made favour to Mathi’s brother and he married with elder sister now the sisters’s brother plan to give his second sister to married with same guy as they don’t want to stop the proposal, the reason was the years back broken up families want to rejoin in this marriage proposal. Now all these confusions, Mathi how he does the things positively is the balanced script.

Vemal comes into a village based hero, couldn’t see his performances on the stronger way, Anandhi usual childish transferred to enamouring character and it is goodish for her career. Prabhu, Saranya, Meera Krishnan and Jayaprakash all the four eccentrics given the rigid in their acting. Robo Shankar and Singam Puli both taken the charges on comedy sequels and Yogi Babu comes at the last scene, not used him properly. The the catching tempestuous brother Vamsi Krishna comes out of modernity villain outfit and tried with village based role even this also suit for him. Big Boss TV show newsmonger lady Julie appeared in the last scene.

Verdict: Family based entertainment movie.


Vemal * Madhiyazhagan

Anandhi * llaiyarani



Karthik Kumar

Saranya Ponvannan

Meera Krishnan



Neelima Rani

Rethika Srinivas

Robo Shankar

Vamsi Krishna

Karate Raja

Sai Dheena


Directed by * Boopathy Pandian

Produced by * Vemal

Written by * Boopathy Pandian

Music by * Jakes Bejoy

Cinematography * P. G. Muthiah
Sooraj Nallusamy

Edited by * Gopi Krishna

Production Company * A3V Cinemaz

Distributed by * Cinema City

PRO * KSK Selva

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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