Manusana Nee Movie Review

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Genre: Umbrage * an almost holds of funky dialogues, cause to the risible by some perceptual for the output, the flick contains funniest excitement, which made anticipation of an approaching for climax.

Synopsis: The Subbu Panju comes as in a villain eccentric, Ghazali director’s the movie in an infantile level, Vignesh Pai composed for the film “Manusana Nee”, the screenplay wholly upset the audience and more or less movies might miss out some flaws, this film from the beginning till the end completely lacked and make a comical while watch out the picture.

Story: The director’s intention was on giving the message towards fellowship. Usually the females, children and born babies were abused movies were projected on screen, this film was focused on the young male gender was mistreated.

In a village circumstances, the film is getting engaged and the youngsters were starting to miss one by one. The cops are popping out to investigate, why the young men are missing. In this situation, a local hooligan spoils out Aadharsh’s father’s rice mill and he was weaker to fight against with the strident.

Now, the young man for his wounded, getting admitted in a hospital for the treatment. In the hospital, the doctor injects a peculiar medicine for his experiment, by that a man can survive for many years. Unfortunately, doctor’s medicine was getting choked and the guy receives extreme strengthened.

The director tired out of giving a message, unluckily, there was lacking in the screenplay. The foreign delegates missing out to pronounce the doctor name in a proper way, Ashok Kumar instead of the foreigner says Shiva Kumar.

Verdict: The mission was bombed.


Subbu Panju

Anu Krishna


Alva Vasu

Bawa Lakshmanan

Chinna Rasu

Crane Manohar

Kadhal Sugumar

Nellai Siva

Ramana Devi


Director * Ghazali

Production House * H3 Cinemas,

Music * Vignesh

Lyrics * Ghazali

Cinematography * Agaran

Editing * V Jaishankar

Art Direction * Nandha Kumar

Screenplay * Ghazali

Action Direction * Mirattal Selva

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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