Manusangada Movie Review

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Genre: Caste based * a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank, profession and wealth.

Synopsis: “Manusangada” exposes that still in a conservative society, the lower caste people are nevertheless struggling. In Tamil cinema, numerous caste based love story projected, as in the commercial aspects and a few directors like Amshan Kumar, who had given humanity is being eradicated among the society and the content is apart from the love story speaking of the heartless higher class people dominating Dalits.

The flick foretells, on the every Dalits individual faces the humaneness and this is happening still in many loops and corner of areas.

In such case the director Amshan Kumar, 2003 “Oruththi”, which speak about a Dalit woman’s status, a way of regarding situations. Now, the director Amshan Kumar attempts once again towards the lower caste people, as it was given in an infotainment way.

Story: The film portrayed, in the self-governing country, still people doesn’t get their freedom and for the basic needs, people have to raise their voices and in such events, after a long struggling from the court and the judgment was getting favour towards the lower caste people the higher classes were compressing the human rights among the Dalits.

In a rural area, the sinless guy Kolappan’s father died and here is tragedy was getting started, Kolappan father’s body was not allowed to take in the path of the higher class people’s road and not even to burial as they are belonging to Dalits caste.

Most of the non-commercial films based on realistic incidents which had happened and which is still happening in the society. The young man Kolappan, who speaks not only for his father and even struggles for his village people. The poor guy who appeals the petition in the court and gets a positive judgment, but, this positive sagacity made favourable or not with the constraint caste system.

Verdict: Voice of a common man, with bold screenplay.

Rating: 3 / 5


Rajeev Anand


A. S. Sasikumar

Sheela Rajkumar

Vidhur Rajarajan

Sethu Darwin

Anand Sampath


Directed by * Amshan Kumar

Produced by * S. Thara
Gana. Natkunan

Screenplay by * Amshan Kumar

Music by * Aravind-Shankar

Cinematography * P. S. Dharan

Edited by * Dhanasekar

Production Company * A K FILMS

PRO * KSK Selva

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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