Mapla Singam Movie Review

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mapla singamDrollery * was confided on the actors who have been mired to entertain the viewers.
Synopsis: An action coalesced with romantic content, with the redundant trusted on a comedy based movie. The hero has a lethargic attitudes in his behaviors and among his worst attitudes, he convinced the girls not to fall into the love affair with the guys, even he whangs the guys in belligerent purpose, this how Vimal eccentric is being portrayed.

Story: With an erstwhile formula applied, as in the family oriented script. The harum-scarum guy Vimal does the “Katta Panchayat” on the resplendence to his uncle (Radharavi). The hero’s uncle is chairman of a town, with this influence Vimal had the intention towards the girls who have been eloped with the guys and made impairment to the hombres, at a stage, Vimal was getting attraction on the young lady with Anjali, and she is an advocate for a local town. Lookout the movie for the twist sticking to in the families, the hero Vimal uncle Radharavi’s daughter was running off  with a guy (Anjali’s brother), to sustain his love with Anjali and to maintain his dignity the hero Vimal followed assorted trickier methods to join his families.

Verdict: Voguish concepts are unheeded.


Radha Ravi
Swaminathan Ramdoss
Kaali Venkat
Adam Greig
Rajesh Gopalan


Directed * Rajasekhar
Produced * P . Madhan
Written * Don Ashok
Music * N. R. Raghunanthan
Cinematography * V.S. Tharun Balaji
Edited * Vivek Harshan
Production company * Escape Artists Motion Picture


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