Masala padam Movie Review

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Masala-PadamGenre * includes in every movie, but only the title denoted as this is an assortment of all multifariousnesses, to speak out it knotty to a search of the type in the movie. The film scuppered the version of the movies in tradition days till date is in the same pattern, slightly changes is being acquired.

Outline: The cinematographer J. Laxman Kumar has experimented a different angle of the script in his debut area in the direction. The movie explains the real critics, and the expectations of viewers’ are dilating. In a theatre, usual heroic dialogues, a hero’s stylish slow appearance are getting annoyed by a group, the guys in a talk show debate on film making and its variants. Finally the argument concluded with the producer a group involving with the challenge to determine a reality based script to the audiences.

Story: The movie “Masala Padam”  has been criticized  both the critic of the instant opinions for a movie and the real life of people exhibited. The director had secured in a diplomatic twirl at the end of the movie. At the commencement of the movie, the group is nettle with an erstwhile script, they were gainsaid to a new script, so they target is based with the masala contents of love, emotions, sentiments etc. They are planning to approach the real live persons, eventually they fair game with the three different guys real exposure to make a script. To lead these characters Diya (Lakshmi Devy) seeks to monitor the guys Mani (Mirchi shiva), Amudhan (Bobby Simha), Krish (Gaurav). Check out the movie in the theatre, the challenged producer resolved, the common man’s dreams are ending in the theatres.

Verdict: Masala flavors are less in the Masala padam.


Mani * Mirchi Shiva

Amdhan * Bobby Simha

Krish * Gaurav

Diya * Lakshmi Devy

Producer * Venkatraman


Director * Laxman Kumar. J

Cameraman * Laxman Kumar. J

Art Director * Vijii

Editor * Richard Kevin

Music * Karthik Aacharya

Stunt * Ashok Kumar

PRO * Suresh Chandra

Design * Whoa Mama

Stills * Maneksha

CG * Accel Animation

Sound Design * Suren. G & Alagiakoothan. S

DI & VFX * White Lotus

Creative Head * Yuvaraj. BV

Production Manager * RS. Venkat

Exe-Producer * S. Apser

Co-Producer * Laxman Kumar. J

Producer * Vijayaraghavendra. T


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