Masss (Massu Engira Masilamani) Movie Review

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masssGenre: Horridness with thriller * is trendiness in Tamil movies, now director Venkat Prabhu started next dimension with comedy blend with horror movie to get success.

Comedy * are splatter by spirit in some sequence and not to get panicky in the theatre, no direct revenge by the spirit, they are entreating with a super powerful human being to fulfill their wishes. Suriya gets extraordinary power that he can able to realizing spirits.
Sentiment * good spirits have their sentiments without making horror.

Outline: K. E. Gnanavel Raja Production with the combination of story, screenplay and the direction were done by Venkat Prabhu. Mass is a horror mixed comedy movie. Suriya has stepped onto the speculated and given emphasis to the new concept is the horror film. Suriya’s plays with ample of dual roles. One more attempt is Shakthi and Masilamani, Shakthi acted a fine-looking ghost character, and Massu character takes part in a money making in laxity way. Finally, continue in grasp the film for their relationship between Shakthi and Massu.

Story: With an eye-catching performance with Suriya’s introduction, makes the audiences take hold and made tempting the viewers. Venkat Prabhu’s direction in horror and with the combination of Suriya acting is a summer indulgence for the entertainment. Massu has been getting a supernatural power in an accident, this turn into; he has the capability to realize the souls and fusion of horror with humor stuffed, all the souls are approaching Suriya to fulfill their wishes. Nayantara is screening her naive character and working in a hospital and being paid attraction at first sight with Suriya.

With the help of all innocent ghosts Massu planning to attain money and sketch to enjoy his life. But one situation all ghosts are acquiring frustration, now the handsome Shakthi spirit toward the inside in the story and start vengeance. Shakthi and his family stay in Canada and willing to bequeath land for the Ashram children. But the crooks made murder the whole family expected Massu, for getting hold of the land. Watch out the movie on the big screen, Why Shakthi is the stimulus for revenge his opponents.

Shakthi character is tremor to the audience with his acting and new aspect for the fans, Suriya speaks in Ceylon Tamil. Nayantara portions and gorgeous look, but presented a smaller amount to the audience. An immense music was done by Yuvan Shankar Raja in the background music. To make frightening scenes, ghosts are able to touch things, but in some situation not able to touch paraphernalia, makes specious in some areas in the movie. Mass is a Massive expectation to the viewers and made lackluster in some sequence.

An entertainment and commercial aspect makes audience to satisfy.

Suriya * Nayantara * Parthiban * Samuthirakani * Pranitha * Premgi Amaren

Director * Venkat Prabhu
Story & Screenplay * Venkat Prabhu
Music Director * Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer * K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Cinematography * R. D. RajaSekhar
Editor * Gautham Raju
Production * Aadnah Arts
Distribution * Eros International
CBFC Rating * U
Minutes * 152:32


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