Mercury Movie Review

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Genre: Soundless thriller flick * energetic overture had been exploited in the sequences, but the story moves with silent and that would be the virtually hefty weapon in the movie.

Synopsis: Karthik Subbaraj opened his silent frame with distinct stratum, Mercury intoxication catastrophe in a township by the thermometer factory of the corporate world. The film aggregate with thrilling about five people’s lives were mashed up with their balefulness behaviour, a thriller content was realized as a horror-struck, that the dead man Prabhu Deva hangouts on differently abled of the five friends. As the story is based on physically challenged persons the director holds the unique style, there is no dialogues and no verbal communication with the actors. Initially, there were subtitles are being given and the viewers actualize on sounds and the vocals recognized by expression.

The film Mercury engaged with elaborately or excessively ornamented, the director Karthik Subbaraj sets up the introduction sequel which brings out with more expectations. The guys who were listening to the music at an extreme volume, the police absorbs their room and go for the investigation and among them one’s father had an ability to speak up with the police and they were coming out from the probe. Now the content track of five guys mischief that leads towards the tragedy. Karthik Subbaraj is experimenting with silent features, and he wishes to expose the technical skills or style exhibited in a masterly.

Story: An adept skill has been used that the camera turns 180 degrees, the camera jamming on Prabhu Deva. With the silent motions, by the sound effects and the horrific has been established at the end with an emotional is being locked up.

The tale starts up with five guys who were reunited in one place, who were all affected by industrial wastage and Mercury poisoning and become as deaf and dumb. Now, the guys Michael, John, Vinay, Ram and Meera, all were joining together for their high school reunion, which was the long period took them to meet again.

The guys happiest moments were put to an end, once the friends planned to go for a long drive in the midnight, their mischievous attitude was followed and the car was met with an accident.

Among the guys, a fellow’s iPod was missing out when they buried a dead body in the night travelling. Again, they followed to the same place in search of iPod. When they noticed the dead body was missing and the a girl too left out among the gang. Now the mysterious traces them and the blind dead body hunt each and everyone in a dumped factory. Finally, the film starts with quivers and end with sentimental emotion.

A ghost eccentric done by Prabhu Deva is in a radically distinctive way. The film speaks about beautiful nature, the emotions of silent people and the ruefulness of a deserted factory of Corporate Earth, which is accumulating that polluted the earth with poison. The four boys and one girl were given excellent expression in each frame.

Verdict: Horror, in distinctly separate from the former films.


Prabhu Deva * a blind person

Sananth Reddy * Michael

Indhuja * Meera

Remya Nambeesan * Prabhu Deva’s wife

Deepak Paramesh

Shashank Purushotham

Anish Padmanabhan



Directed by * Karthik Subbaraj

Produced by Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Jayantilal Gada

Written by * Karthik Subbaraj

Music by * Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography * S. Tirru

Edited by * Vivek Harshan

Production Company * Stone Bench Films

Distributed by * Pen India Limited, Paramvah Studios, Pushkar Films, Trident Arts

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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