Merku Thodarchi Malai Movie Review

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Genre: Esthesia * sensitivity towards an emotional feeling, which keeps on track with mental responsiveness and awareness of provoking everyone.

Synopsis: The unveiling director Lenin Bharathi’s “Merku Thodarchi Malai”, which is a simple -minded concept that he had been understood how to get the attention from the audience, Lenin focuses on eccentrics to prove how they have been formulated in the place of western ghats. The landless of energetic people who attempt to achieve something for their survival in the hilly region is projected in each frame. 

The quality of being mere was formed in all the sequels is a basic technique which holds throughout the film. Actually, to be observed that there is no such commercial-grade of aspects to critics the negative impact. The team delivered the true consequences happened, in a casual frames. 

Story: Vijay Sethupathi with the skills in the overlook of fundamentals inferring from practice, casualness and quality of having great facility and competence that he had produced the film “Merku Thodarchi Malai” the content based with more eccentrics, in that Rangasamy a woeful guy and a group of people leads a miserable life in the mound area. The man wishes to get a land and wanted to register for his mother and later to get married a lady. 

The film travels along with Rangasamy and the other proletarians who have been centralize with a socialist activist Chako Abu Valayangulam, the hard-nosed script focuses on how the member of the working labour were dreary in their liveliness. 

The married man buys a land in the western ghat region and concentrating in the agriculture with his son. Due to climate disaster and the screwed chit fund and property developer, how his life goes  upside down, which was the climax scenario chokes the poor life of the people. 

The film in the first half tried to explore about the lifestyle of Western Ghats people’s  civilization. In the hills place, where they have to carry on cardamom for their owners that as being given in a lively aspect projected on screen. 

Isaignani Illaiyaraaja had been composed the songs really expectations would be peaks up in the audience stratum. The artists have looked like typically towards the natural environment. The cinematography of  Theni Easwar had worked in the accepting, unusual and cogent manner. 

Verdict: In a simple manner; without high life and embellishment.

3 / 5



Gayathri Krishna

Abu Valayankulam

Anthony Vathiyar


Uoothu Rasa 

Thevaram Sornam

Kodangipatti Mokkathayi

Pallavarayan Patti Pandi


Master Smith

Theni Eswar


Directed by * Lenin Bharathi

Produced by * Vijay Sethupathi

Written by * Lenin Bharathi

Music by * Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography * Theni Easwar

Edited by * Mu. Kasi Viswanathan

Production Company * Vijay Sethupathi Productions

PRO * Nikkil 

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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