Merlin Movie Review

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Genre: Deception drama * the hero fills up with imagination and he unrestricted by reality.

Synopsis: The hero Vetri’s life turns out that tending to hinder his life by illusion, he had dreamt and struggled to become as a director, which was getting spoiled is the baseline for the movie. The film “Merlin” was written and directed by Keera.

The actor Vishnu Priyan holds up the script. In the beginning the guy scrambles to work out in search of a producer and in the second half Vetri merge for woolgathering life and along with him Jeeva, Singampuli and Aadukalam Murugadoss prevails on and the songs were composed by Ganesh Ragavendra, the hero Vetri start up with Christian name lady’s eccentric, he jerks with Muslim name girl’s character and the script end up in his native place by getting married to a young woman.

Story: A guy Vetri, who is struggling to become as a director and he stays along with
Lollu Sabha Jeeva and Aadukalam Murugadoss. In a chance, Vetri is getting an opportunity to tell his story towards actor Dinesh and he was getting admired the way he explains about the script and the hero fixes a date for the shooting.

In this situation, Vetri wants to get a good screenplay within a period of time, so he plans to write for days and nights. But Vetri’s friends, disturb him a lot and this circumstance made Vetri to get annoyed. Initially, Vetri creates an imaginary story about Marlin, that his friends want to get scary and not to disturb him.

On a stage, this fanciful story turns his life upside down, the guy narrates about an unreal story which was starting to enforce on the other day, Vetri was dragged into the occult power and a girl’s power shake him. Now the real screenplay moves about that Vetri will come out from the imaginary world and his filmmaker’s dream will come true? The director Keera brings out the story in a distinct way.

Vetri’s performances knead out well, while explicit stories towards the actor Dinesh and with his friends. Both Jeeva and Murugadoss manages for the comedy track. The opening gives a splendid feel for the audience and it was not stretches till the end and that form an imaginary.

Verdict: An adept narration.


Vishnu Priyan * Vetri

Ashwini Chandrashekar

Lollu Sabha Jeeva

Aadukalam Murugadoss


Powerstar Srinivasan


Ramachandran Durairaj

Thangar Bachan



Directed by * Keera

Produced by * J. S. B. Sathish Kumar

Music by * Ganesh Raghavendra

Cinematography * Muthukumaran

Edited by * Samuel

Production Company * JSB Film Studios

PRO * R Kumaresan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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