Mersal Movie Review

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Genre: Action * grips with the societal message.

Synopsis: In a short span persistence hits up movies is giving by Atlee, “Theri” combination continuous in “Mersal” again Vijay and Atlee joins their hands imparted the Masala oriented flick. The film is produced by Sri Thenandal Films. A trio eccentrics are balanced by mass hero and troika gorgeously heroines Nithya Menon, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Kajal Aggarwal are stuffed and the two ladies Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Kajal Aggarwal they are just filled up only to cover the heroine’s portion. The story is mere concept, old script which was dusty and it is polished with present scenario cause.

Story: Usual expectation the film starts up, Vijay’s massive opening in a abroad with Vadivelu, the play script quarries on the awry doctors and Vijay digs out the drawback in the medical field. The four people who were kidnapped and they were killed in a crucial way, once the cop starts to investigate about the murder, they have been observed that the four persons are related to the medical field.

In the triple characters, Dr. Maaran (Vijay), who is a renown doctor and belongs to Chennai, Dr. Maaran even famous for tendering treatment for all categories patients by getting Rs. 5 and in that trio a magician eccentric Vetri (Vijay), who was responsible for the death of a corrupted Dr. Arjun Zachariah (Hareesh Peradi), and he was getting murdered in a magician’s stage performance which was organized in Paris. But coincidence links that Dr. Maaran gets to suspect that he was in the same country to get an award.

At a stage, the policeman and Dr. Maaran get obscured with all calamity and Vetri volunteer himself to police detention and explain that he had forced himself to rescue Maaran from Dr. Daniel Arockiyaraj (S. J. Surya), one more crooked doctor who had been tied with Arjun and looks Maaran’s cheap health care as a menace to his expanding hospital business, and that he has safeguarded Maaran and Vetri himself acquiring collared

Vadivel explains about the flashback, which was happening in the period of 1979, that Thalapathy Vijay who struggles for his village and in a fire tragedy, people and children who gets affected and lost their lives due to lacking in the hospital and they to travel towards the town. Thalapathy and his wife plan to construct a hospital and place a Dr. Daniel Arockiyaraj, but the fellow gives miss treatment to the patients and Thalapathy’s wife normal delivery was converted to cesarean and this situation make upside down for Dr. Daniel Arockiyaraj and Arjun after three decades later Vetri revenge them.

In the film, three eccentrics done by Vijay not much changes in the get up and dialogues keep hold and for the GST dialogues are people would see in the memes not new dialogues. Only the actress Nithya Menon eccentric is catchy other than the rest of heroines extra fitting and  A. R. Rahman songs hold curiosity, but it was given disappointment to the audience.

Verdict: Entertainment for Vijay’s fan.


Vijay * Vetri, Dr. Maaran and Vetrimaaran

Nithya Menen * Aishwarya Vetrimaaran

Vadivelu * Vadivu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu * Tara

Kajal Aggarwal * Dr. Anu Pallavi

S. J. Surya * Dr. Daniel Arockiyaraj

Sathyaraj * Rathnavel

“Kovai Sarala * Sarala


Directed by * Atlee

Music by * A. R. Rahman

Cinematography * G. K. Vishnu

Edited by * Ruben

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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