Meyatha Maan Movie Review

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Genre: Amorous love story * mixed up with the risible.

Synopsis: The hero who compressed his love for three years and he doesn’t open up to his loved one. The story drags lengthy in the second half, which makes the audience feel drowsy. The film was preceded by four eccentrics, Vaibhav Reddy, Priya Vivek Prasanna and Indhuja. The content was entirely stretches towards among the pairs and how they approaches the love.

Story: In the opening ‘Idhayam’ Murali who drunk excessively stands on traces and he ping to his best friend Vinod (Vivek Prasanna), by saying that he is going to commit suicide from the top of a building, the reason behind was his lover is going to get engaged on the same day and that he hadn’t explicit his feeling when he was in the college days. Now the childhood friend rushed to Madhumitha’s house. The guys Kishore and Vinod draft of a script and asked her to talk about how the silly man hasn’t had the guts to propose a girl, while she reads out the script by using vulgar words, Murali gets annoyed with Madhumitha and started to hate her. Now the engaged lady postponed her marriage proposal for one year, meal while Murali’s sister gets interested on Murali’s friend Vinod, but Vinod rejects the proposal from Indhuja and he says that he treated her as his sister. At last, Murali and his sister’s both their love getting success or each of their pair are rejecting them or not is the balanced story, which dragged out in a prolonged performance.

The actor Vaibhav’s performances speaks out in an excellent way, heroine Priya gives a decent acting, Indhuja also given the best, and Vivek Prasanna also holds the script along with Vaibhav. The director had elongated the scene, otherwise Rathna Kumar had given a beautiful love story.

Verdict: Drama


Vaibhav Reddy * Idhayam Murali

Priya Bhavani Shankar * Madhumitha

Vivek Prasanna * Vinod

Kishore * Arun Prasath



Directed by * Rathna Kumar

Produced by * Kaarthekeyen Santhanam

Music by * Santhosh Narayanan,

Cinematography * Vidhu Ayanna

Edited by * Shafiq Muhammed Ali

Production company * Stone Bench Creations

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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