RJ Balaji’s ‘Mind Voice’ – Run Away

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Just as the famous proverb quotes – “Most of our sufferings are from over-thinking”, the current scenario is so much devastating to our peace of mind. In this latest episode of Jio Saavn’s Mind Voice with RJ Balaji titled ‘Run Away’, he talks upon the most discussed topic of ‘Corona Virus’. The stress levels and pressures are have reached the peaks, where it looks more hazardous than the virus itself. RJ Balaji hilariously connects it with the ‘Nostradamus’ predictions, where his ‘LKG’ had a sequence of protests that pop up for no reason. Significantly, ‘Go Away Corona’ become a protest, where a bunch of youngsters started marching with chants in the city. The funniest part is RJ Balaji questioning – “What if one among them had sneezed up there?” There’s yet another instance, where he and his close buddy ‘Panjumittai’ (Candy Floss) happened to walk in for night show of ‘Thappad’ at Sathyam Cinemas only to get almost evacuated from the place, where they say. The reason – The tradition of popcorn “Seasoning to Sneezing” that’s a culture of Sathyam Cinemas, which was mistaken for Corona by an audience. There’s a lot to relish the humor and at the same time incline to the mantra – Don’t overreact to the exaggerated social media posts on the situation.


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