Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum Movie Review

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meenakuzhambu maanpanaiyumGenre: Comedy * overlaps the conjuring trick

Synopsis: The national awarded Kalidas Jayaram, debuts in Tamil industry by leads as a Prabhu’s son role. The film captured the sequences in the Malaysia, the title “Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum” (Fish Gravy and the Clay Pot) the audience might exaggerate the traditional values of Tamil cultural, but the story tracks about the relationship between a youngster and with the widower, was realized in the appearance of a saint, which was given with the aroma of comedy.

Story: The “MKMP” is produced by Dusshyanth Ramkumar under the production house Eshan Productions. The fantasy flick was attempted by Amudeshver, in the opening was a car race between two college guys in the place of Malaysia, Karthik (Kalidas Jayaram) who is an aggressive student and Prabhu (Annamalai) leads a Restaurant and being an owner, he cooks the fish gravy in the clay pot for his customers, Annamalai life revolves with his son and also expected to spend time in leisure and occasionally but his son contrast, never mind on Annamalai’s affection. In an island Annamalai and his son meeting a saint (Kamal Hassan) they were sharing feelings with the saint and the remedy was both the soul interchanges and Annamalai experiences the Karthik feelings and Karthik understands the father’s true affection. In the mixture of many characters like Don Mala, Don M. S. Bhaskar the comedy gives frail to the script.

Verdict: “MKMP” flavor is a raw travail


Prabhu * Annamalai

Kalidas Jayaram * Karthik

Ashna Zaveri * Pavithra

Pooja Kumar * Mala


Santhana Bharathi

M. S. Bhaskar

Kamal Haasan in a guest appearance


Directed * Amudeshver

Produced * Dushyanth Ramkumar

Music * D. Inman

Cinematography * Lakshman

Edited * Richard Kevin

Production company * Eshan Productions

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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