Moondraam Ullaga Por Movie Review

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Moondraam-Ullaga-PorGenre: A fancied assortment of action * based celluloid, which means the firm of major Saravanan perked up the viewers by his echoed dialogues.

Outline: What will happen if war comes between India and China in 2025? The question is being portrayed as an imaginary dramatic lengthy story. As the real heroes of the Indian Army men’s sacrifices and their pride are exposed as a movie. The director Sugan Kartthi has worked hard for the fictional storey, in the antiquated period war had between the soldiers to capture the countries and with weapons, but the year 2025 advanced in war operations have pictured in the film.

Story: An Indian Army man Saravanan was married with a pretty girl Madhivadhani, both were starting a beautiful life, unfortunately it was continued for only twenty days. The Army man was captured by the Chinese Army people and he was tortured by several days, and the anguish sequences are horrible to the audience to visualize, high tech equipments were used for a person to kill, and the Major was escaped from the prison with the help of a Japanese soldier. Sentinel the movie, the hero Major Saravanan’s sacrifices his life for the Indian Nation, a war between India and China cold war, and so finding a solution to end up for the war.

Most of the movies are exaggerating the wars in different ways, even in the film 7am Aarivu, has the concept of the China had a Bio war with India, in the upcoming movie exposed to economic war. The hero Saravanan delivered his performances in a decent way, and the last scene was goose bumps. The Indian Army soldiers were killed in the jail a minute erroneousness noticed, eyes were trembling by a death condition body. And the wounded on the face of Major too look artificial. And final with the upcoming Tamil heroines, a Chinese Army man Wilson Ng had given good in Tamil dialogues delivered.

Verdict: Thrid world war, cognizance script.


Sunil Kumar * Saravanan

Akhila Kishore * Madhivadhani

Wilson Ng * Lim Bai Huai

Avinash * Subramaniam

Ravi * Ravi

Jennifer * Hero’s Mugundhan

Nafi* Dr. Nafi


Raj Kish

Siva Ganesh * Kiran Nair

Aravind * Robhindra Singh

Sundar B * Sandeep Rai Rathore

Karthick Rajendran * Pon Manickam

Prabhu Karthik * Chandrasekar Teddy


Directed * Sugan Kartthi

Produced * T. R. S Anbu & V. Sursh Narayan

Written * Sugan Kartthi

Music * Ved Shankar

Cinematography * Dheva

Edited * S. Richard

Production company * Aartin Frames
TRS Studios

Distributed * Dream Factory

Running time * 105 minutes

PRO * Nikkil


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