Mosadi Movie Review

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2016 declaration of demonetization – “Mosadi” content was following the crisis that created an effective disruption throughout the economic system.

The film “Mosadi” looks like an infantile drama on a big screen, the director K Jagatheesan shows the unstable situation of extreme danger in the normal descriptions of characters and sets, which  absolutely JCS Movies company takes part in the production field, K Jagatheesan wrapped his story in the title  “Mosadi”. Even focused on the direction and screenplay, the songs are composed by Shajahan.

The flick starts with a set of gang  who cheats the innocent people. In that, hero Viju was making the sketches to loot money. In the first half the guys involving with the fraudulent activities, they are targeted for huge amount and even they are fixing with an amount of 100 crore. They go for the differential outlook, which was useful to escape from the cops and others people. At a point, the guys were getting arrested by the real police. 

Now the hero requesting to release him towards the policemen that he has to safeguard his wife. In the second half, he explains his critical scenario that why he was involved in the deceitful actions. Basically, Viju was a clean handed man, he was an orphan fellow, that he grows up under the shelter of a minister and getting affair with Pallavi Dora both were getting married with the blessing of the minister.

As usual, there was a negative eccentric followed in the script that he spoils Viju’s happy life in this situation director uses demonetization crisis to give awareness towards the audience. The film ends with digital currency transaction is being preached and how the way Viju rescues his wife from the minister. 

 Viju and Pallavi Dora debuted in the film “Mosadi” with the low budget the director taken the firm baseline, he had compromised with artists, dialogues and even the technicians. The music director Shajahan’s songs need some force, editing portions are endorsing, cinematography of Manikandan looks adequate in some areas. 

Verdict: struggling to get a pass mark.

Rating: 1



Pallavi Dora


Directed by * K Jagatheesan

Produced by * JCS Movies

Screenplay * K Jagatheesan

Story  * K Jagatheesan

Music *Shajahan 

Cinematography * Manikandan

PRO * Mounamravi 

Manavai Bhuvan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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