Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva Movie Review

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motta-siva-ketta-sivaGenre: Queer action * based script, and blended with the sounds spattered out in the theatre.

Synopsis: The actor Raghava Lawrence his erstwhile horror film dialogue Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva now his upcoming film title,  the film’s styled him as a ‘Makkal Superstar’ an arrogant cop who had been transferred into honest policeman, wondering was ascribable to the title the script was developed!!!

Story: With the overlapping quondam flicks methods of massive dialogues and continues proverb delivering is the fresh additional in the Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva, a corrupt IPS officer Shiva was getting transferred to Chennai to nettle his father Sathya Raj, who was a Commissioner of Police, Shiva also supports for all illegal activities of a rowdy in the masks of politician GK (Ashutosh Rana) And his brother (Vamsi Krishna), but Shiva has some soft corner with deaf and dumb girl Nithya and he treats her as a sister, unluckily the girl Nithya was raped and  murdered crucially by Vamsi, by all these happened the politician GK alert that Shiva is a son of Commissioner. Now the sincere father explains why the reason Shiva against Sathya Raj and why wants to support the GK, Shiva’s childhood was missing out with the father’s care and affection and his mother were pregnant for second baby, when she was getting hurt in the stomach, struggling for give birth to a baby, both the baby and mother were passing away and for the final funeral the cop dad joining with him, this made disappointed and getting away from him and in Maharashtra he changes his name started to live away from the father, after all the flashback story. Shiva gets cleared up from his father why the reason he didn’t tuned up in the hospital, Nithya final duties over Motta Shiva becoming as a Ketta Shiva towards the politician.

For the romance purpose and songs Nikki Galrani is used, really speaks out looking gorgeous, Vamsi Krishna manliness and stylishness are missed.

Verdict: attempt skidded


Raghava Lawrence * Shivakumar IPS (Shivaraj Pandi) “Shiva”

Nikki Galrani * Jaanu

Sathyaraj * Kirubakaran Ups

Ashutosh Rana * GK

Vamsi Krishna * Sanjay, GK’s brother


Directed * Sai Ramani

Produced * R. B. Choudary

Written * John Mahendran (dialogues)

Screenplay * Sai Ramani

Story * Anil Ravipudi

Music * Amresh Ganesh

Cinematography * Sarvesh Murari

Edited * Praveen K. L.

Production company * Super Good Films

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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