Mr. Chandramouli Movie Review

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Genre: Paternity relationship * the kinship between a young and the father, which is framed on screen.

Synopsis: In the direction of Thiru, the flick contains only the real relationship is being exploited. In the Kollywood cinema and Tamil audiences, everyone familiar with Mani Ratnam’s movie of “Mouna Ragam”, a particular sequel, where Karthik and Revathy go to a drive-in restaurant, once Revathy’s father comes and she hides herself to irritate Revathy, Karthik call up Revathy father’s name as Mr. Chandramouli in the public place with any hesitation and ask to come to drink a cup of coffee. This sequence was admired by the audience. After a long gap, the team thought of gear up the audience’s curiosity. The title was fixed as Mr. Chandramouli.

The film tracks on two corporate company people were colliding for their company progress. In the first half, a real life family, on screen father and son relationship dominant, which felt like overdoses. In the second half the call taxi owners cruelness was exposed. An old model Fiat car focused much in the film, the heroine Madhu used for glamorous.

Story: As more expectations, the screenplay focuses that the young man Raghav (Gautham Karthik), who were in hospital, that he was met with an accident. The film moves with Karthik’s usual styles and with his body languages.

Gautham Karthik is a boxer and that he expects sponsorship from a reputed company. Initially, the Go cab owner was willing to provide a sponsor to Ragav, suddenly the owner faces a problem, that his employees were doing crime. All the passengers in Go cab were killed brutally.

In front of the media, among the public and even Ragav believed, that an influenced Garuda company owner creates a bad opinion to close the Go cab company. In the second half, the director coming out of the real life relationship explosions and worked out for the climax.

The carefree guys Ragav gets sponsor from the Garuda company owner and Ragav move to Bangalore for the tournament. Once Ragav back to Chennai, he gives surprise to his father by presenting a new car, which Ragav was honoured in the boxing tournament. In the confused mind, Karthik and his son, both of them go for a midnight ride with the their sentiment Padmini car.

Both of them met with an accident. Once Ragav recover from the injuries and a couple of weeks later, by a post the death certificate of Bhairavi reaches of Chandramouli’s house. On the death certificate Chandramouli’s signature was observed by Ragav and this made to approach towards his father’s friend and finding out who is the culprit and corporate war was getting concluded by Ragav’s probe. Terribly, the climax moves faster, the team forgot screenplay and tried to conclude with more twist.

Verdict: Entertainment


Karthik * Chandramouli

Gautham Karthik * Raghav

Regina Cassandra * Madhu

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

J. Mahendran

Santhosh Prathap


Viji Chandrasekhar

Mime Gopi



Directed by * Thiru

Written by * Thiru

Screenplay by * Vijay

Music by * Sam CS

Cinematography * Richard M. Nathan

Edited by * T. S. Suresh

Production Company * Creative Entertainers

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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