Mr Siby M Lukose, won the Times Of India award for the Best execution services company

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Siby M Lukose is a Mining Engineer by profession who quit a plush MNC job and started “SIBY Mining Services Private Limited” in 2000. Before starting this company, Mr Siby was working with Explosives division of M/s ICI, which was the world’s largest explosive manufacturer and leader in blasting technology. Now ICI’s explosives business is known as M/s Orica.

Siby Mining is primarily a group of Mining Engineers having expertise in undertaking drilling and controlled blasting operations and taking up earthwork excavation contracts which require removal of rock using absolute controlled blasting methods. In the last, 19 years Siby Mining has completed some of the challenging contract jobs in India which comprise of controlled blasting. It is considered as the best-controlled blasting contracting company in India, today.

It also owns a factory to manufacture heavy-duty blasting mats which are used in absolute controlled blasting used all over India.

The Tyre Mats are being used all over India by Major construction companies.

The ultimate toughest job they executed was the blasting operation for M/S HCC for constructing a Nuclear Power Plant near an existing nuclear power plant. An entire area of fifteen acres (full of sheet rocks) was dug up to 20 meters below the ground. The blasting and excavation job was completed before the scheduled time.

Now, Siby Mining is in the process of listing the company in SME exchange by November 2019.


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