Mudinja Ivana Pudi Movie Review

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mudinja-ivana-pudi-movie-reviewGenre: Action * hero’s stylish way, attacks his get up and body language, makes a high tech villain cum hero.

Synopsis: The title explicates clearly “Mudinja Ivana Pudi” the hero or villain “Sathyam or Shivam” does illegal activities, according to the title” Catch him if you can,” he escapes from all the offenses, exculpate himself and clears all the evidence to catch him.

Story: Mudinja Ivana Pudi Tamil and “Kotigobba 2” Kannada are directed by K. S. Ravikumar, Tamil version is production banner by Rambabu and Kannada version by M. B. Babu. A robbery scene of Shivam’s assistances made the shudder experience, but the assists are contriving to settle down with the robbed money which was planned by Shivam. With great stylish outlook, costly car ingress of Shivam chases them, by the brilliant stunt guys had been locked in front of Shivam, money is the only reason that you have cheated, he smells the 1000 Rs bunch of notes and says the dialogue “that’s the power of money”. The hero Sathyam shows an innocent behavior, he runs a real estate, Nithya Menon planning to buy a land. As usual Tamil cinema love splashes between them. Once the Sathyam’s girl friend identifies his originality, both Shivam and Sathyam are one, Nithya Menon refuse the proposal. Sudeep (Sathyam or Shivam) explains the tragedies in his life. Check out the movie what is a flashback to the Sathyam or Shivam eccentrics, how the way cops collapsed by the tricks of Sathyam or Shivam.

Verdict: a good entertaining movie. But Sudeep and Mukesh Tiwari Tamil much risible.


Sudeep * Sathyam / Shivam

Nithya Menen * Shubha

Mukesh Tiwari


Prakash Raj

Sharath Lohitashwa


P. Ravi Shankar * ACP Kishore

Imman Annachi

Directed * K. S. Ravikumar

Produced * M.B.C. Babu

Story * T. Sivakumar

Music * D. Inman

Cinematography * Rajarathinam

Edited * Praveen Antony

Production company * Rambabu Productions

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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