Munnodi Movie Review

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Genre: Persuasion * mutations

Synopsis: SPTA Kumar had been directed the film Munnodi, the hero who has the frustration of his environing people from the childhood days and it crusades him rattling change in his lifestyle. The film engaged the viewers with all stuffs of romance, sentiment and merge up with the stunt.

Story: Debut hero Harish (Sathya), who doesn’t like his newborn brother, Sithara noticed in the initial stage, that the young one Arvind had a heart problem and the mother keeping full attention on the second baby, this made Sathya separated from the mother Sithara who is not taking care of him after his brother arrived, he joins with the Mandhira Moorthy (Arjuna) gang and started doing criminal works, in this stage Sathya getting affairs with the Aravind’s college mate Denuka (Yamini Bhaskar), but she was not in acceptable condition, with his brother’s requests she gets soft corner towards Sathya. At a point, Sathya started to realize his brother’s affection and his mother’s care and this made him to get away from the Mandhira Moorthy. Again the sequence steps with the Soundarapandi (Sijoy Varghese) the impertinently posted DCP has promised to collapse Mandhira Moorthy, brother-in-law Jayaveeran (Pavel Navageethan) and his gang to targeted and the DCP waitresses for the correct knock out timing. Finally, what happens to the young guy Sathya is the balance script.

Verdict: Screenplay agitates out.



Yamini Bhaskar


Sijoy Varghese


Director * S P T A Kumar

Music * K Prabu Shankar

Lyrics * S P T A Kumar

Art Direction * G Veeramani

Screenplay * S P T A Kumar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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