Muthina Kathirikai Movie Review

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muthina kathirirkaGenre: A political fused comedy * based content, comedies have made drowsiness to the audiences.

Synopsis: In the direction of Venkat Raghavan, produced by Kushboo “Muthina Kathirika”
Is a story of an aging man Muthupandi’s political life, he had not yet married till the age of forty. The fellow had followed the patiences and insults to achieve a position in the politics, which the Sundar. C’s usual family oriented comedies missed out and vulgarity dialogues are anticipated till the end the film.

Story: Radio Jockey Balaji had vox the opening to the scenes, explains the eccentrics of the script in his own bothersome speech mired in the flick, expected to appear on the screen, RJ Balaji was put-upon only for elocution the story, Sundar. C had been remade a Malayalam film of “Vellimoonga” Muthupandi’s hereditary sacrifice their life in the political, unfortunately, Muthupandi in his childhood made to enter into the politics, but Muthupandi not recognized by the single citizen of the corner living in the Kovilur. The film tracks unaccompanied maturated bachelor acquiring success in the marriage life and reached out a stead in the politics.

To portray the mother sentiment and the character of Muthupandi, a scene Sumithra’s sugarless coffee was drunk by Muthupandi younger brother and sister, both were scolding Sumithra, Muthupandi advised to his mom to add extra sugar while drinking the coffee, old formula made disgusted. Introducing the heroine sequence Poonam Bajwa in the temple made vibrant by her spiritual appearance, the director forgot the introduction scene and he only intends to grabbing the youngsters by exposing her as a glamorous. The 41 years old Muthupandi’s childhood crush was Kiran Rathod and he was marrying her daughter Poonam Bajwa, in the angle of risible the concept would be acceptable or not? Really to speak gives facial expression to the viewers.

Verdict: Not much comedy stuffs and double meaning conversation. The movie is over matured like the title.


Sundar C. * Muthupandi

Poonam Bajwa


Kiran Rathod

VTV Ganesh


Ravi Mariya

Yogi Babu




Vignesh Ravichandran


Directed * Venkat Raghavan

Produced * Sundar C.

Written * Venkat Raghavan

Music * Siddharth Vipin

Cinematography * Bhanu Murugan

Edited * N. B. Srikanth

Production company * Avni Cinemax

Distributed * Sri Thenandal Films

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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