“Mysskin is such a humorous that he can entertain you like stand-up comedian for hours” – Director Ram

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Both the filmmakers Ram and Mysskin critically acclaimed for their masterpieces are known for dark unconventional themes. But to see them wear greasepaint in humorous shades is a real big surprise that none would have expected. Savarakkathi is getting is ready for release this week and it’s so much exhilarating to hear director Ram utter interesting facts about it.

Sharing his experience working with Mysskin, he says, “Mysskin is such a humorous person that he can entertain you like stand-up comedian for hours. This film would be having the humorous shades imposed upon both of our characters.”

Shedding some lights on their characterizations, Ram says, “Everyone embraces either anger or lies to safeguard themselves in many situations of their lives. What happens when these things goes beyond control in couple of people is narrated within a single day between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.”

On delineating the directorial skills of GR Aditya, “Aditya is a brilliant actor, who can show his actors how to perform well and is a good narrator as well. We used to torture him on the sets asking lots of questions. I am sure; he will be a successful filmmaker who can offer good quality entertainment to universal audiences.”

“Poorna is the main hero of this film. Her role is sketched with some much power, realism and innocuous shade. She plays a pregnant lady with hearing impairment and mother of two kids as well. She has a substantial role that actually influences the two people with contrastive nature in day time,” says Ram who speaking about the characterisation of Poorna.


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