Naachiyaar Movie Review

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Genre Action * The wrench in the mid of the movie, which is reckoned construes into the film. The actress who has in rigid cop’s visual aspect which was invoked.

Synopsis: Jyothika has brought out, at bravery posture as the heroes possibilities satiated towards the vehement. The flick explores about a young girl was abused and the patrol revealed the true statement, whom after the girl’s boyfriend was charged.

The Naachiyaar is Bala’s firmest content and he links up along with GV Prakash, the director Bala had given many tempestuous climax. The songs were composed by Ilaiyaraaja, which was both aiding and cramps in the picture.

The film “Naachiyaar” hits out on screen after a couple of years, as the director Bala’s content, the audience looks at both the keenness and confounding.

Story: A first attempt for Jyothika as in the “36 Vayadhinile” she had been depicted in soft nature and in the second attempt exaggerated as a brave lady in the position of ACP Naachiyaar, she sparkles in every sequel by her actions. In the opening, Kaathavarayan (G. V. Prakash Kumar), who works in a catering service as an assistant boy and the girl Arasi (Ivana) was a hapless servant in a house. The both piteous young ones fall in love with each other.

In this circumstance, the minor girl was getting pregnant and the cops were esteemed, this critical situation was made by Kaathavarayan and they are forcing him in a jail. Now, Naachiyaar stepping in to investigate the case. Once there was mismatching in the DNA report, the story boost up in a stronger level. Arasi was stiff enough about, she is carrying Kaathavarayan’s child.

Naachiyaar, plan to investigate towards Arasi’s uncle, once the probe moves harder, Naachiyaar was getting hit from all sides and she was in the position of losing her job. In all these situations, Naachiyaar sustain her job or she revenges the culprit is the story. The director loops into Naachiyaar’s solid decision making in the climax and the girl join with Kaathavarayan and he comes out from the faux consequence is the final touch.

Bala’s films have natural stuffs that can be observed in the sequel of Kaathavarayan was hit with tough times.

Jyothika’s extraordinary eccentric, which was grieving of any emotion when she express with higher authorities. The music director Ilayaraja support towards the screenplay, and in the editing was about average

Verdict: Bala style + Trio artist’s performances gives a good inflexible screenplay.


Jyothika * Naachiyaar

G. V. Prakash Kumar * Kaathavarayan

Ivana * Arasi

Rockline Venkatesh * Feroz


Directed by * Bala

Produced by * Bala

Written by *Bala

Music by * Ilayaraja

Cinematography * Eshwar

Edited by * Sathish Suriya

Production Company * B Studios
EON Studios

Distributed by * Madhumathii Films

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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