Naalu Peru Naalu Vithama Pesuvanga Movie Review

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Naalu-peru-naalu-vithama-pesuvanagaGenre: Drollery * portions are exaggerated in a lengthy ruffian concept, which made irrelevant to the script.

Title * has been never wooings in any angle to the story.

Outline: Sree Krishna Talkies and by the direction of Madhavan presents a comedy movie, the hero was introduced to the ingenuous character and moderate valiance nature. The hero was portrayed in the beginning, doesn’t know how to handle with the women and he gets annoyed when his friend chatter box with the girls. The audience might think the story continues with a different concept, like a different title, but the sequences move in different dimensions in the second half of the film.

Story: The fallacious title “Naalu Peru Naalu Vithama Pesuvanga” the starting portions expose the hero attitudes towards the womanhoods, and he tries to behave in a smart way in some situations, his unfortunate leads to critical conditions. The hero (Saravanan) getting engaged with the heroine (Jyothi), but his father-in-law observed the hero, that he has been fitted for marriage life. Saravanan parents are planning to keep his engagement function to satisfy his friends. But Saravanan attitude changes the situation upside down. Reduction dress material made to suffer for his basic life with his bride-to-be. Sentinel out the movie in the theatre the tragedy life of the hero.

Verdict: An interrogation? “Naalu Peru Naalu Vithama Pesuvanga” what the four people speak about in different ways????


Saravanan * Indrajith

Devika Madhavan * Jyothi

Singa Muthu * Singanaadi

S. S. Siva * Rathinam

Sivashankar Master * Madhanakamarasan

Saisathish * Inbharaj


Director * Madhavan

Music * A. K Rishal Sai

Dance * R. Shankar

PRO * Suresh Chandra


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