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The innovativeness in Tamil cinema has always found its best approach offering its astonishment in many contexts. Here is one such illustration, where a movie launch had something unheralded as its package, which was the baby shower occasion. Writer Internationals is producing this film ‘Naan Seidha Kurumbu’, directed by debut filmmaker Maha Vishnu featuring Chandran in lead role had the movie launched this evening in Chennai.

During this occasion, 5 pregnant women were endowed with the beautiful occasion of baby shower ceremony. The entire cast and crew followed the typical baby shower ceremony, which is called as ‘Valagaappu’ in Tamil. With the exquisite traditional music played and the aromatic fragrance of sandal spreading across the venue, the greatest part was the director and his team touching the feet of these pregnant women followed by taking photographs with them.

Talking on the occasion, director Maha Vishnu said, “I have been a part of Stand-up comedies like Asathapovadhu Yaaru in Sun TV for 9 years. There are around 1500 producers in Tamil film industry and I have met around 900 of them for narrating the script. But they couldn’t take up this project due to some of their bitter personal experiences. This includes the inappropriate story, unethical team and manager too. If a right manager and team is formed, then there are no more options that a film will go flunked. I am happy that I have found
all these in combination with the film ‘Naan Seidha Kurumbu’, which is a romantic comedy with suspense thriller moments and family elements. The film is shot at shoestring budget, but yet will have its rich quality.”

Chandran on his part said, “After the first look release, there have been lots of mixed reviews in social media pages. Many felt that it would be an unconventional film. But I tell you something, this will be a one of its kind like Suresh Krissna’s AAHA. The film is about what happens if the men go through the same problematic challenges
like women.”

Actress Anju Kurien, Actor Mirchi Shiva, Music director Achu Rajamani, Cinematographer Ramanan Purushothamma, Art director RK Mohan, Editor Mani Kumar Sanakara, Executive producer Suresh Raja, Co-producers SP Suresh and others in the crew were present.


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