Nadigaiyar Thilagam Movie Review

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Genre: Life Story * of the Tamil and Telugu industry actress, who made proud.

Synopsis: A great actress Nadigaiyar Thilagam Savithri Biography, which was explicit in both Tamil-Telugu that both industry people need to realize the fame of her acting and how much innocent lady affected in her personal life. The young artist Keerthy Suresh was portrayed in Savithri eccentric, in the appearances and in the body language that she had given rattling expressions, which the audiences feels the real actress on screen.

Merely, the director Nag Ashwin extorted with slight commercial ingredients that gives a path to identify the screenplay in right destination. The actress life’s characters whelm in the original names, who was helped in every situation and people pulled down in her critical circumstances. The beautiful lady falls love with Gemini Ganesan and getting addicted to alcohol and finally her life ends in tragedy.

Story: The tale projects in the year of 1980’s period, Savithri Amma was getting into the coma stage and with all alone pushes in the hospital in a wretched way and the Kannada speakers couldn’t realize her fame and one Tamil speaker observes that Savithri Amma was viciously affected and making everyone to realize their mistakes.

Now, a journalist Madhuravani (Samantha), not interested to cover an actress article and she forced to do it and her head journalist compels to move towards the place for collecting the story and she likes to write front page articles with a more famous story. Without any involvement, she was moving along with a photographer Vijay Anthony (Vijay Devarakonda), as he is a Christian that she hesitate to accept his love proposal. Next both were forwarded to collect the details about Savithri.

The actress aunt was coming to the hospital and starting to speak about her past life and her struggling, Savithri at the young age missed her father and goes under the shelter of her uncle. By her innocent, mischief activities and gracious was attracted by everyone one.

The girl Savithri moves towards Madras along with her uncle when she was fourteen years old. The language made the situations into hardest and how she overcomes and with the help of Gemini Ganesh. At her last breath, all were understands Savithri’s renowns.

Keerthy Suresh lived as Savithri Amma in every frame. The audience’s eyes noticed on Keerthy Suresh performances, Dulquer Salman and others artists endured in their archetype characters.

Verdict: Real life of legend’s life in a delighting screenplay.


Keerthy Suresh * Savitri

Dulquer Salmaan * Gemini Ganesan

Samantha Akkineni * Madhuravani

Vijay Devarakonda * Vijay Anthony


Directed by * Nag Ashwin

Screenplay by * Siddhaarth Sivasamy

Music by * Mickey J. Meyer

Cinematography * Dani Sanchez-Lopez

Edited by * Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Production Company * Vyjayanthi MoviesSwapna Cinema

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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