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Genre: Love story * in a smooth approaches and switches into calamity.

Synopsis: Nagarvalam was directed by Marx, the hero Yuthan Balaji is a lorry driver, heroine Deekshitha Manikkam initially she was pictured as a school girl and fell love with Kumar. The young lady faces an unexpected murder, which has destroyed their dreams, actor Pasupathy is used for a song portion.

Story: The word Nagarvalam, a young guy who rounds out in the city area by driving a lorry, his job was a metro water supplier, the girl Janani character very much interested in listening Illayaraja songs, by hearing Illayaraja’s songs getting amours with Kumar, in a situation, Janani’s father observing about her daughter’s love affair and the family members are against for their love and Kumar is stuck up heavily by Rathinam’s toughs. But Karna was more warmth towards his sister tries to precautions Kumar from Rathinam. In these, the director pictures that Karna as a rowdy eccentric and this character changes soon as a positive character for his sister. In his gang a crook guy who spoil’s Kumar and Janani stargaze.

Yogi Babu is used for comedy areas, when Yogi Babu appears on screen the audience will get a joy, additional tongue twist when he delivers the comedies. The director Markx’s has handled to engage the viewers to some point. Beginning level the film not much different to keep the audience in the entertaining.

Verdict: Not wearisome


Yuthan Balaji




Yogi Babu

Bala Saravanan

Namo Narayana



‘Vettai’ Muthu Kumar


G. Marimuthu


Directed * Marxx

Produced * M Natarajan N Ramesh

Written * Marx

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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