Nanbargal Narpani Mandram Movie Review

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Nanbargal-Narpani-Mandram-2015Genre:  Love * concoction makes weary in some areas
Sentiment * gradual

Outline:  The title of the movie clears the viewers to understand, the gang of friends involved in the social activities. The hero gets love affair with a girl, later on comes to know, she is her mother’s student. The hero’s father was cheated by his driver in a cunning way.

Story: In the opening hero and his friends are mischievous and they show smartness in a different ways by help out their village people. All the adolescents’ characters are overstuffed in their behaviors, at a situation Sathiya meeting Divya in a temple and admiring in the beauty and her attitude. Sathiya come to understand, Divya is her mother’s student. Both were learnt music in their childhood. Divya recognizes Sathiya in the name of Appupulla, she like her teacher and Appupulla. In the entire situation Sathiya gets portrayed like a crook in front of Divya.

Divya’s father an arrogant character, who killed his first daughter’s hubby and vellaisamy first daughter gets nutty, Vellaisamy stubborn in that Divya has to get married with sister’s son, Divya not interested to get a married with rowdy guy. To an extend Divya recognize that Sathiya is the Appupullai, But Sathiya’s father not interested to in the proposal. In the handiness speech of Sathiya’ mother, parents are going to Divya’s house, but they get insulted. Here is an old format of flashback, Vellaisamy (Divya’s father) leading a poor life and Divya is an enthusiasm to learn music with Sathiya’s mother. In their poor condition, Sathiya’s family giving an opportunity as a driver job to Vellaisamy, but all his cunning, he plans to cheat lastly Sathiya’s family losing all their properties.

Finally rowdies are planning to kidnap Divya to kill. Watch out mixture of old usual script, how both the families joining at the end of the movie.

Verdict: Nanbargal Narpani Mandram a commercial and jaded for the youth.


Music – Srikant Deva
Cinematography – Selva R S
Songs – namuttukumar, Yugabarathy, raviparati, kavipaskar
Art – Patmanapakatir
Editing -Lancimokan
Dancing – Sanjeevkanna
Stunt – Mirattal Selva
Product management – Ranjit, Palaniappan
Administrative product – kamaran


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