Nannbenda Movie review

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Artists List: Udhayanidhi Stalin , Nayanthara, Santhanam, Sherin, Karuna, Mano Bala

Genre: Humor plays a vital role from the beginning till the end.

Outline: An entertainment source of Udhayanidhi Stalin and Santhanam blend splash on the film in every sequence, and each of them accomplish their own style of frolicsome and make the audience to enjoy the movie. Finishing touch is an enthusiastic title, opt Nannbenda….

Sequence of script:

Since the movie gone astray some logical part like in the jail scene, both the friends Sathya and Sivakozhundhu missed to dress up their jail costume. Udhayanidhi Stalin’s broad-spectrum start up chase love with the heroine, Nayanthara had a ridiculous flashback, after knowing this ludicrous by Sathya and his family people mockery her, this made her annoyance to keep away from Sathya.

Comedy scene of Sathya makes the audience trapped to chuckle, like Sherin father misunderstanding about Sivakozhundhu to make him clear Sathya is applying proverb in action, he takes Sherin father to a long distance and act to drink milk and under Palm tree, this makes viewers to think and enjoy the sequence. Nayanthara is an exotic in her good-looking and stylish.

Red Giant Movies “Nannabenda” is a commercial purpose to make the audience stick entertaining and the story part is lacking.
Verdict: Focused on comedy.


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