Natpe Thunai Movie Review

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Sport drama poke with a political issue and sentimental knock out.

Synopsis: The title “Natpe Thunai” holds the friendship with emotion, which the first half travels with a lethargic guy who spends his carefree life with the friends. As usual, we have observed many sports related dramas like “Ethir Neechal” and ”
Kanaa” based with full fledged sports scripts. In the category, “Natpe Thunai” joins in the concept.

“Natpe Thunai” baseline taken up with hockey sport, “Kanaa” targeted for the downtrodden woman cricket to be optimistic. Which few sequences filled with the cricket playground, flow out the temping towards the audience. In the “Natpe Thunai” twenty minutes geared up an uttermost level of pumping the heartbeat to feel the combatant between the teams.

Story: The hero Prabakaran survive in the Karaikal area and his intention is to settle down in the place of France and the guy take all sorts of step to fly out of India. In this situation, Arankanatan who is a sacrificer that he was the hockey player in the British period.

He opposed with the French government and get back the hockey playground. At the present scenario, the playground was getting under the control of politicians and dominates, again playground comes under the politicians hand.

Later the hockey trainer exposes that Prabakaran is a virtuoso hockey player and the trainer seeks help to Prabakaran, to get back Arankanatan playground from the politicians. But the guy refused to play in the game, the reason behind was that he missed his friend in a worse situation.

After a great clash with the politicians, the trainer support Prabakaran and he joins with the team member grab the self-worth of the playground from the politicians.

The film was produced by Sundar C. Kushboo. Almost with the present political scenarios were stuffed, the director focuses to give awareness towards the people, which was to represent an independent candidate and even not to get money from the politicians to form a good surrounding for the people.

The young generation favorite music composer Hip hop Tamizha’s songs and his performance made the seemly execution in each frame.

Verdict: strength of friendship.

Rating: 3 / 5


Adhi * Prabakaran

Anagha * Deepa


RJ Vigneshkanth

Ajay Ghosh

Vinoth Kumar

Bijili Ramesh

Ashwin Jerome

Chutti Aravind


Directed by * D. Parthiban Desingu

Produced by * Sundar C.

Written by * Sreekanth Vasrp
Devesh Jeyachandran

Music by * Hiphop Tamizha

Cinematography * Aravinnd Singh

Edited by * Fenny Oliver

Production company * Avni Movies

PRO * Johnson

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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