Navarasa Thilagam Movie Review

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Navarasa ThilagamGenre: Comedy * had pretermitted out, funniness is pushed to entertain the audience.

Synopsis: A new dimension crossed by the Ma Ka Pa Anand as a hero, was tried out the comedy. The director Kamran has composed the film by many characters, but fuddled with the script. The hero is lethargic with his behavior and attitudes are gratis and pull others into the trouble, but he has a goal to become a majestic person, in a short span, with his all drawbacks, Ma Ka Pa Anand falls love with the heroine.

Story: The audience might replace the Sivakathikeyan in every sequence of Ma Ka Pa Anand appears. The hero‘s father
(Ilavarasu) had lost all the properties except the wine shop, due to the worst approaches of his son. Once the hero was traveling in the train, he gets attracted towards (Srushti dange), but Ma Ka Pa Anand unfortunate follows him, like the frog noises made it to critical condition. This saying is apt to the hero Ma Ka Pa Anand. The heroine’s father was getting annoyed of his characters, when was reveals to his friend. Formerly the love getting success to the hero. Of all the struggling Ma Ka Pa Anand was fixed up to the new kinship and he collapses everyone to some extend. Check out the movie reason behind, Ma Ka Pa Anand stops the engagement of the heroine’s sister.

Verdict: Not too much squeeze on comedy!!!!


Ma Ka Pa Anand
Srushti Dange

Directed * Kamran
Produced * Sudharshan Vembatty
Music * Siddharth Vipin.
Cinematography * A. Ramesh
Edited * Arul Mozhi Varman
Production company * Square Stone Films Pvt Ltd


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