Nedunalvaadai Movie Review

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Touching the emotions, merely knock off the excessively warmness in a cinematic way.

Synopsis: The unveiling director Selvakannan’s “Nedunalvaadai” stuffed with a couple  perceived which harmonizing the relationship between grandfather and grandson, the young man who reached out his teenage keeps the full attention on his childhood malicious behavioural girl, which mashes out with the emotions. The director organized  his fellowships to look after the production part is the convinced for their wholeness. 

The entire drama focused in Tirunelveli district as we couldn’t observed city areas, the title “Nedunalvaadai” Nakkeeran’s poem, the film “Nedunalvaadai” shows up with the pain of separation in a couple of relationships, with all boldness in character Amudha express her childhood love with grips the family burden of Elango. Obviously, guessing next what would be there in the climax. But the characterizations were impressive.

Story: A prominence eccentric was done by Poo Ramu that he had been adhered with potent depiction. In a rural area, Karuvathevar’s daughter eloped. After years later, Karuvathevar’s daughter Pechiamma returns back towards his father’s place with two children. In this scenario, Pechiamma’s brother Kombiah deny his sister’s relationship. 

The old father Karuvathevar accept his daughter without showing face towards Pechiamma. Meanwhile, Elango question his grandfather about his uncle’s behaviour, Karuvathevar suggest out a remedial for the acceptance in the future, that Elango’s earning will change Kombiah.

The flawless guy Elango joins in a Polytechnic College, during his education Amudha express her childhood love. Initially, Elango rejects her proposed and at a point his feelings burst out and decided to agree Amudha’s marriage offer. 

As usual, rural unfair followed in the film,  Amudha’s brother pointing out  the status of Elango. But, the firm lady stubborn in her decision and both were planning to elope. In the climax, Elango back to his village, visualize that Amudha was getting married. What would have happened to their separation, that was given in a feeling of an aggression that arouses thoughts of attack.

Elvis Alexander perfects by showing the silent emotions with his grandfather and his lover, Anjali Nair was fascinated throughout the film, Poo Ramu back for the film. 

Verdict: village love, with a strong bond and there was reason towards the breakup.

Rating: 3.5 / 5


Poo Ramu * Karuvathevar 

Mime Gopi * Kombiah

Elvis Alexander * Elango

Anjali Nair * Amudha

Ajay Natraj * Maruthapandi

Senthikumari * Pechiamma

Aindhu Kovilan * Nambithevar


Directed by * Selvakannan

Produced by * B Star Productions

Written by * Selvakannan

Music by * Jose Franklin

Cinematography * Vinoth Rathinasamy

Edited by * Kasi Viswanathan

PRO * Manavai Bhuvan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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