Newly Launched KNACK Studios unveils ‘Madras Gig’ in collaboration with Sony Music

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NAC Jewellers the most trusted jewellery brand in South India has diversified into the field of filmmaking and has launched a state-of-the-art post production studio.

KNACK Studios has the most coveted post-production suite in the industry – Dolby Atoms Mix Suite. Unlike traditional channel-based sound systems like 5.1, 71, and 11.1, which require filmmakers to think about the number and location of speakers, Dolby Atoms allows them to designate where in the cinema space each sound should be placed or moved, to make audiences experience the film as if they were within its world. KNACK is one among the few music studios in India to offer this equipment for filmmakers and musicians.
Born out of a passion for cinema and artistic excellence, KNACK Studios hold it s commitment to quality, excellence and stellar customer service just as NAC Jewellers does.

Madras Gig is an end-to-end live performance platform that offers a singular opportunity to talented band sand independent musicians to showcase their work. The Madras Gig marks an important step in the direction of bringing out the best in regional independent music. What’s unique about this opportunity is the fact that it offers the musicians/bands the facilities to make a first-rate recording, mixing and mastering and a chance to work with world-class technicians and a sprawling music studio to shoot their videos.

Apart from the space and equipment, the technical team of KNACK Studios is also at hand to help the musicians to shoot their live performances (also known as ‘STUDIO GIGS’)within their sprawling 15, 000 sq.ft. sprawling studio in Radhakrishnan Salai. The team will help edit and upload the live performances onto ‘The Madras Gig’ YOU Tube Channel ensuring instant success and fame for the bands.

With the launch of ‘Madras Gig’. KNACK Studio hopes to discover some extraordinary talent in the regional music and catapult them to the world platform of music.

About KNACK Studios

Recently launched KNACK Studios is a new venture from the House NAC Jewellers. Located in Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore KNACK Studios is a sprawling space of 15, 000 sq.ft. equipped with a post production facility featuring Dolby Atmos Mix suite. VIP dubbing studio, legendary adio consoles such as NEVE Genesis G64 Black & Avid S6 Contol suface, Dynaudio & Eve Monitors & Baselight TWO Gen6 in DI, State of the art VFX Equipment.


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