Nibunan Movie Review

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Genre: Flagitious thriller * lots of flexure, alluring the sequels. Haulage the audience to the stretch forth on the vigorous side.

Synopsis: The action king Arjun’s 150th an upcoming film is titled “Nibunan” as his name’s prefix, the film meshed out of action, but in a decent cop role not an exaggerated action sequences as in his previous action movies, Nibunan drama is directed by Arun Vaidyanathan, Arjun executed in the Ranjith Kalidoss eccentric, Prasanna in a smart outlook in the characterization of Joseph, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar (Vandana), performed as an assistant cop to Ranjith and even Joseph, Vaibhav comes as Ranjith’s brother role Sandeep and last but not least source of the film is Krishna, who comes as a psychotic killer of the film.

Story: A mystery story and to key out the zeal of  dramatic play, usually tackle observed in crime content and the hero will affect by a disease, the killer or fight scenes will be projected then the viewers gets hypertension, this film a disease name called Parkinson’s and a patient would experience the Shaking slowness of movement, inflexible and hard to walk properly and this gone through while Ranjith faces fight sequences with the killer.

Opening made with an investigation by Ranjith and his team guys of Joseph, Vandana all were dragged the audiences in a serious investigation of an unknown parcel inside the office, in this circumstance a box wrapped inside a doll and in that box a blood was dropping and even noticed that the doll had an animal mask. Once they started to investigate, all of sudden two more murders occur and that the killer gives out the lead by the each doll were by different animal masks, one is a doctor and next is the advocate, there was lots of twists and clues were overlapping. Example: 4 bullets for 1st slaying and reduce to one bullet for the 4th person, was the tragedy and that’s the suspense release by Ranjith who was the final target of the psychic killer and this is the sample, but too many blurred clues are there made the viewers to get thrilled.

In the second half, the story stepping into who is the killer and what is the motivation of revenging the popular social people in the society, Arjun played with a matured police character in his 150th film. But the killer motto was not too depth for killing the people, as a drama it is compromising the viewers.

The film music was composed by Navin can would have concentrated much better, Arvind Krishna’s Cinematography worked out in a good way.

Verdict: Expert – feeling of acute and pleasurable excitement.


Arjun * Ranjith Kalidoss

Prasanna * Joseph

Vaibhav * Sandeep

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar * Vandana

Sruthi Hariharan * Shilpa



Directed * Arun Vaidyanathan

Music * S. Navin

Cinematography * Arvind Krishna

Edited * Sathish Suriya

Production company * Passion Film Factory

Distributed * I Studios Entertainment

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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